Is Cesar Millan Dead? His Wife, Divorce, Son, Girlfriend, Family, Bio
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It may be inappropriate to say that Cesar Millan is the king of dogs, but when it comes to dogs and their behavior, he is number one. The Mexican-American has built a career of over 25 years in dog training and breeding. Cesar Milan is a dog behaviorist and is known for his reality TV show “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan”, which attracted millions of viewers from different countries around the world. He is not only known for his achievements on screen, Millan’s works include books, DVDs, and a wide range of dog products that illustrate his status.

In view of his controversial portfolio, Cesar has the public repeatedly “sniffing” into his life and offering various speculations. But in others, for clarity, we want to delve deeper into the life of the man with a very unique career.

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Who Is Cesar Millan? Bio, Age

He was born on August 27, 1969, as César Felipe Millán Favela in Sinaloa, Mexico, the son of his parents Millan Guillen and Maria Favela. His love for animals began at a very tender age. César Felipe Felipe grew up on the farm of his grandfather and took care of the animals. At that time he already had a connection to dogs and earned the nickname “Dog Boy”. He discovered his passion very quickly and soon decided to follow this dream. Millan wanted to bring his passion to show business; he wanted to work with pets on television.

At the age of 21, he set off for the USA and took on various odd jobs to support himself. He was a dog walker and gradually gained attention for his unique way of dealing with dogs. Pinkett Smith confided his plans to Jada Pinkett Smith and encouraged him to learn English to excel in the USA. Millan founded the Pacific Point Canine Academy while learning a foreign language. Soon after, he opened the Canine Psychology Center in Los Angeles, which focuses on different dog breeds.

Millan, who always wanted to have his own show, became more and more popular, and in 2002 he began to have TV actors approaching him. In 2004, he launched his reality series Dog Whisperer, which was broadcast on the National Geographic Channel. The show became a hit, reaching millions of viewers around the world. In 2008 he founded his own magazine “Cesar’s Way”. The magazine contained several articles that dealt with man’s relationship with dogs. In 2014 he started another series “Cesar 911” which was broadcasted on Nat Geo Wild.

Family – Wife, Son, Divorce

Millan’s personal life would have been without drama had it not been for some unforeseen circumstances. The behavioral scientist with the ace up his sleeve was initially married to Ilusión Millan. The couple, who loved each other very much at the time, entered into a marriage in 1994. Their union produced two sons: Andre, born in 1995, and Calvin, born in 2001. Things went smoothly between the two until 2010 when Cesar lost his dog “Daddy”.

Daddy, an American pit bull terrier, died in 2010, leaving Cesar in pain. Cesar fell into depression, and to make matters worse, he learned of his wife’s intentions to divorce him. At that time the dog specialist tried to take his own life, but he did not succeed. Ilusión finally filed for divorce that year, however, and the couple finally closed the curtains before their marriage.

Who is Cesar Millan’s Girlfriend?

Cesar began a new relationship with the actress Dahira Jar from the Dominican Republic that year. For the lovebirds, who are still together, it was an awesome romantic experience throughout. Even more interesting is that Cesar proposed to the actress during a vacation in Greece after six years of their relationship. Fans of the popular dog whisperer are really excited about their union and are looking forward to hearing wedding bells ringing soon.

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Is Cesar Millan Dead?

You may think that he has a very dangerous job that threatens his life, but rest assured, Cesar Millan is doing what he loved and having the time of his life. Cesar Millan became the victim of a death scam in 2014 when a website reported his death. The rumors that he died of a heart attack came two years after his divorce from his first wife Ilusión.

The rumors were further fuelled by earlier reports that the dog behaviorist, who was mourning his dog, Daddy, attempted suicide when he found out that his first wife was planning to divorce him. But all this was thwarted by evidence that he was “drunk and in love with his girlfriend Jahira”.