Lena Zawaideh Biography, And Relationship With Shaun White
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The only female member of the popular band “Bad Things” Lena Zawaideh started experimenting with the drum at the age of 11. In 2009 the talented musician, songwriter, and singer joined the band after the founder of the band, snowboarder Shaun White, brought her on board. She remained in the band until 2014 when she was forced to leave because of the problem between her and Shaun White.

Currently, the former Bad Things drummer has continued her career and joined another popular band called “NightPulse”, which deals with genres such as pop bliss and midnight emotionality. According to the drummer, the band’s name is a reflection of her sound. The two words “Night” and “Pulse” that make up the name are two symbolic/contradictory ideas that are able to merge beautifully. While “Night” is an expression of dark and not-so-happy qualities, “Pulse” is a rhythmic shake element.

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Lena Zawaideh Bio

The American drummer was born on May 18, 1989, in San Diego, California, USA, under the sign of Taurus and is a Christian by religion. Although social media is not flooded with information about her background, it is common knowledge that the talented drummer spent much of her childhood in Carlsbad, San Diego.

Her childhood dream was to become a doctor after studying medicine at Harvard Medical School, but it happened that fate and destiny had other plans for the young star, as she fell in love with drums and started playing them at the tender age of 11. Records show that Lena attended the University of California and then played drums with her brother in several heavy metal bands.

Lena Zawaideh Relationship With Shaun White

Lena Zawaideh had her big breakthrough when Shaun White, owner of the popular music band “Bad Things” and former Olympic snowboarder, gave her a job in his band in 2009. Lena played in the band along with other talented instrumentalists such as bassist Jared Palomar, vocalist Davis LeDuke, guitarist Anthony Sanudo, and founder Shaun White, who joins in as guitarist. According to Lena, her relationship with the former Olympic snowboarder and leader of the popular band is that of a boss and employee.

She joined the band when Shaun offered her a job with them in 2009, although Lena Zawaideh is said to have known Shaun all her life since she grew up with him and Anthony Sanudo. Unfortunately, Shaun dismissed her from the band in 2014 without paying her for part of the work she did with them.

TMZ reported that several years after her dismissal from the band, Lena made a public complaint in a lawsuit filed in May 2016. In the lawsuit, Lena Zawideh sought $42,000 in back pay and also claimed punitive damages and sexual harassment that she had suffered during her time with Shaun. According to Lena, who was just 16 years old when she started working with the band, Shaun’s behavior was always strange from the beginning. She revealed that he became strange after consuming excessive alcohol but usually apologized the next day. He did many bizarre things, such as forcing her to watch offensive pornographic videos and pictures of male sexual organs, including videos in which human feces are sexualized.

In the course of the trial, the complaint was amended to include an opportunity when the band leader tried to steal a kiss from Lena at a Halloween party but met with resistance. Shaun was also accused of grabbing Lena’s ass against her will and forcing her to get a new haircut and wear revealing clothes, which she refused to do. Another bizarre behavior of Shaun was that he stuck his hands down his pants and forced Lena to smell it by holding his dirty hands in her face.

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Why Did she Go To Court? 

Lena Zawaideh, who expressed her embarrassment at being treated by Shaun in this way, said she was pursuing the case to stop harassing women at work and that the Olympic snowboarder should not be allowed to behave as he wants just because he is famous. According to her, she cannot just sit back and watch Shaun turn another unsuspecting woman into a victim.

Shaun, who vigorously contested the lawsuit, in turn, tried his best to force Lena to undergo a mental health examination, claiming that she had suffered psychological and emotional trauma due to the chain of events. However, according to media reports, Shaun eventually dropped the case and reached an out-of-court settlement with Lena.