Home Media personality Inanna Sarkis Age, Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography

Inanna Sarkis Age, Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography

Inanna Sarkis Age, Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography

She is one of the media personalities who are quite flexible about her talents and as such, we look forward to getting to know her better through Inanna Sarkis’s Age Friend Wiki and Biography. Sit still as we uncover this interesting artist before your eyes starting with the theme of Inanna Sarki Age.

Inanna Sarkis Age/ Wiki/ Biography

This exotic beauty was born on 15 May 1993 in Hamilton Canada. Her name reveals a little more about her background and you’ll be glad to know you were right if you didn’t think it sounded Canadian. Their parents were originally from Bulgaria they packed their family together and moved to Canada in the hope of giving their children and the family as a whole a better life.

Inanna Sarkis Age, Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography

Based on this the star is currently 24 years old and based on the age of Inanna Sarkis has achieved quite a lot for itself; this is commendable. Inanna attended Ryerson University where she earned a bachelor’s degree. Not too long afterward she became an Internet sensation.

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She obviously has a high affinity for music when you take the videos from her piano playing.

Inanna Sarkis Age, Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography

However her internet knowledge did not end there Inanna continued to post teaching yoga videos on Youtube and thus gained an even wider fan base. She started publishing these videos in 2006 and we have to admit that she has come a long way since then.

Inanna Sarkis Age, Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography

Since she has worked very hard to get where she is it is not surprising that the star has a rather large net value. She’s worth about $500 thousand and she looks like she’s using every penny properly. In addition, the star has over 3.8M subscribers on her Youtube channel and she is collecting at least $10000 dollars from her Youtube channel alone.

Inanna Sarkis Age, Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography

These are not the only praiseworthy achievements she has up her sleeve she is also an aspiring actress who has appeared in a few TV shows and movies. We can only expect bigger things from her because she has done something with very little. Starting as a Youtube musician over a yoga teacher up to a TV personality.

Inanna Sarkis

To be honest this is quite commendable and certainly shows that it will definitely only get bigger and bigger in the media scene.

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Most upcoming celebrities these days have become quite experienced when it comes to keeping their personal lives under key and lock especially when it comes to their dating lives. In the case of Inanna we could at least find a friend. The Internet sensation has been involved in a relationship for some time but it is difficult to determine the schedule for the relationship as a whole.

Inanna Sarkis 1

She goes out with a guy named Anwar Jibawi and the only thing that really connected them is the photographic evidence of the two together. Otherwise, she doesn’t reveal much about their relationship as a whole. In this sense, we have come to the end of Inanna Sarki’s story about age boyfriend wiki and her biography. In case there is more you are the first to know.

Quick Facts About Inanna Sarkis

Date of Birth:15 May 1993
 Age:27 years old
 Birth Nation:Canada
 Height:5 feet 5 inch
NameInanna Sarkis
Birth NameInanna Sarkis
Birth Place/CityHamilton, Canada
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlond
Face Colorwhite
EducationRyerson University