IDubbbz Wiki, Girlfriend, Is He Gay, Dead? Height, Net Worth, Daughter
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A list of YouTube sensations will not be complete if the name Ian Cartel is missing on such a list. While other kids dreamed of becoming musicians, lawyers, actors, and whatnot, IDubbbz knew he was going to be the main character and a famous internet superstar.

Today, not only has he excelled in his career and made it almost to the top of the rung regardless of his young age, but he has also established himself as a star to be reckoned with on YouTube.

Born as Ian Cartel, IDubbz launched his YouTube channel sometime in 2012 and took just a few days to get into the business. His first game video to appear on the Internet was “Overgrowth”, which he played partially. After that, he started to bombard his fans with many interesting game videos. This step brought him an overwhelming number of followers who seemed to love the content of his videos.

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IDubbbz’s big breakthrough came in 2013, after leading the charts with his “Gaming New Crap” and also reaching over a million hits in just a few months on YouTube alone. This massive breakthrough led Carter to release more “Gaming New Crap” series, which he called “The Kickstart Crap Series”.

After enjoying popularity because of his professional success, Ian, who had become a YouTube sensation, started a series of videos targeting inferior and controversial content uploaded by some other YouTubers. His numerous videos, in which he wore a police uniform, were subsequently given the title “Content Cop”.

The most interesting aspect of IDubbbz’s career is that he has worked with and collaborated with other of his colleagues on several occasions in his videos. His closest buddies are the YouTuber sensations ‘Filthy Frank’, ‘Maxmoefoe’ and ‘Anything4views’.

Carter not only looks great and fresh ideas for his teeming fans, but he also has the special ability to find humor in almost anything and to confidently convey funny clips to his fans. His main channel iDubbbzTV alone has over 4 million subscribers, while iDubbbzGames and iDubbzTV (an offshoot of his main channel) is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet.

IDubbbz Wiki/Bio

Ian Carter was born on 27 July 1991 in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States of America. His parents are American, but they are not known and have never been mentioned in the media.

IDbbbz has two brothers who sometimes appear in his videos. They are easily identified as Troy Carter and Kevin Carter.

However, other burning questions about the YouTuber being watched are not currently available. As a very private person, IDbbbz rarely talks about his personal life or family history, but we believe he is in high school and has completed his education as well.

Girlfriend, Daughter

Looking at some of Carter’s videos, the question remains which girl can stand the YouTuber. But there is someone who has agreed and is currently putting up with everything that comes with a YouTube sensation. Her name is Anisa Jomha.

Jomha and iDubbbz are in love and have not shied away from showing the world how crazy they are about each other. Like Carter, who is a master of YouTube, Anisa is an Internet queen who is a bit of a star in her own way.

She’s a popular twitch streamer, a YouTube player, and a former Raihnbow Kidz ‘boobie streamer’ known for using necklines like push-up and tanktop when streaming. She has also tried her hand at League of Legends (LoL), an online multiplayer game.

However, Johlam has since moved away from Raihnbow Kidz. She currently makes and uploads YouTube videos with her real name Anisa. Her videos also deal with women-related topics and trend themes.

IDubbbz and his sweetheart met online in San Diego, while the latter attended the Twitch conference. After they got along well with Anisa online, YouTube is said to have picked her up and chatted with her for a few hours afterward. Their love for each other continued to blossom even after returning from the conference to Canada. Not willing to let IDubbbz out of her hands, Anisa moved from Alberta, Canada, to California to be closer to YouTuber.

iDubbbz doesn’t have a daughter, but if he might have one, his daughter is not known and there is no information about her yet. Also, IDubbbz has never mentioned her online, not even in his countless videos.

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Is IDubbbz Gay, Dead?

Ian Kartell’s I’m Gay” video may have gained popularity both online and elsewhere, but the truth remains that the YouTube sensation is not gay. In fact, he has never given his fans the impression of questioning his sexuality.

IDbbz’s “I’m Gay” line was actually a quote he made when jumping off a table in MaxMoeFoe’s video entitled: Edward Watermelon Hands. In the said video, Max Carter asked to “say some fucking gay shit” while jumping off the table. As he jumped off, the two words that came to IDbbbz’s mind were “I’m gay.”

Maybe his fans took his words so seriously that the video got over 1.1 million hits after a few months. Apart from this video, the “IDubbbz is gay” theme was nowhere else found.

Sometime in January 2017, the internet was flooded with questions about Carter’s well-being and the state of his existence. That was after it became known that the YouTuber was found dead in his house. On the contrary, IDubbbz is still alive and doing well in his career.

IDubbbz Height, Net Worth

Although Ian Carter is only 1.80 meters tall, his total Net Worth is estimated at $10 million.