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Ian Connor Wiki, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Biography

Ian Connor Wiki, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Biography
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Ian Connor alias King of the Youth (that’s what he called himself) is not only an American fashion model but also a creative consultant, a fashion guru, and a social media mogul, yes! such things exist now. And oh, he is perhaps, better known as one of the members of the A$ap mafia.

He has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, from Wiz Khalifa to Kanye West to Asap Rocky to Kylie Jenner. Sit back and relax as we reveal more interesting facts about the dreadlocked model.

Ian Connor Wiki/Biography, Family

Connor was born on 2 January 1993 in New York. He moved to Atlanta Georgia at the age of 9 and returned to New York at 18, but has paid tribute to Atlanta for giving him the life he now lives.

In an interview with Complex magazine in 2015, Ian Connor revealed that he never met his father and that he gets along well with his mother even though they don’t talk to each other. He added that his mother does not seem to understand what he is doing and that he does not try to force her to do so. However, he claimed that he loves his mother as much as she loves him.

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There was a time when, in order to get his attention, Ian’s mother went to Instagram and announced that she was his mother. Something Ian said made him angry at first, although he later had to understand that social media was her only outlet as she could barely talk to him.

Ian dropped out of school in the 9th grade and began to live “borderless” on the streets.

Soon he started to build a fan base on his Tumblr blog, which attracted some attention on his way from 2012 on. On Tumblr, Ian Connor marketed his “L3NF” line of t-shirts and sweatshirts, which he founded in collaboration with Glyn Brown.

The line became a hit after designer Will Fry produced a Warhol-style face by Connor on his tops that was worn by rappers like Trinidad James. This eventually opened the doors to model gigs for Ian Connor.

Even in 2012, when Ian Connor was only 19 years old, he was contacted by Virgil Abloh, the creative director of Kanye Wests, and the two became close friends.

After his break in 2012, streetwear brands such as Lumières, Stussy, and Bape started contacting Ian Connor for gigs. Ian’s performances earned him a place on the 2012 Complex’ list of 25 under 25: The young leaders of style.

Ian then became friends with A$ap Mob’s A$ap Bari, who looks up to Virgil Abloh as his fashion role model. Through his friendship with Bari, Ian was integrated into the crew and befriended other crew members such as A$ap Rocky, who became his manager while he, in turn, began to act as Rocky’s creative director. Ian has said that Rocky was the first father figure he had in his life. He’s the face of Rocky’s AWGE creative collective.

By 2015, Ian had begun working with Kanye as a creative consultant for the first collection in his Yeezy fashion line. Ian also worked as a model for the brand. During Yeezy’s second season, Ian attracted a lot of attention because he smoked a cigarette while his phone was scrolling.

Besides Yeezy, Ian has also consulted for other streetwear brands such as Guillermo Andrade’s 424, Pink Dolphin, and Emotionally Unavailable. He has worked as a creative director for both Wiz Khalifa and Kylie Jenner. Ian owns a sneaker creation/line which he has named Revenge x Storm. He directs the Atlanta rapper Playboy Carti.

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Ian Connor Girlfriend

Ian has bragged several times about putting porn stars to bed. He told the Complex magazine he slept with over 300 women. He also explained that he was in a short serious relationship that ended because his feelings for her changed.

Since his rise to fame, Ian has not been romantically involved with another star. In 2016, a 23-year-old woman named Malik Anderson accused Ian of raping her in a post on her blog. Shortly afterward, many other women came to the public because they were sexually abused by the model.

Ian received support from his friend, rapper Theophilus London, who defended him, but after a misunderstanding and a public fistfight that was published on social media, he retracted his words and called Ian a rapist.

Ian was investigated for rape. However, many were forced to believe the accusations, considering his oddity – he is in love with serial killers. He said to Viper Mag: “For some reason, I think serial killers are cool.

Height: 5 feet 5 inches