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How To Choose The Best Truck Accident Lawyer: Accidents involving trucks can result in severe injury and trauma due to their bulk and weight. This is why you should hire one of the best truck accident attorneys you can find to represent you and help you get the best settlement or trial result possible. Having someone on your side will not only help you get the most money for your case but it will also relieve a lot of the frustration and aggravation that comes with managing the case on your own.

Finding the Best Truck Accident Lawyers

When searching for the assistance you may hear the term “personal injury attorney” thrown around. A personal injury attorney handles injury cases but they also have certain kinds of cases that they handle on a regular basis. Finding someone with the necessary transportation experience is critical.

Experience With Trucking Accidents

Look for a lawyer who has handled trucking incidents before. This is more than someone with car accident expertise would do; the injuries and damage from trucking accidents are far worse than the damage from most car accidents. The trucking business is governed differently than the passenger car industry. Trucks present a distinct set of risks and multiple parties may be engaged including drivers trucking companies maintenance facilities and owners. In particular, inquire about the attorney’s experience with transportation accidents.

Contingency Fees

Personal injury claims are typically handled on a contingency fee basis by lawyers. Instead of charging you an hourly rate the lawyer will take a percentage of the amount you obtain in a settlement or at trial. The lawyer’s percentage typically begins around 33% but will increase if the case proceeds to a lawsuit or trial to represent the extra work the lawyer does on your behalf. You do not owe any legal costs if your lawyer is unable to recover any money.

Out-of-pocket expenses such as judicial filing fees expert witness fees and copying costs are also likely. In many instances, the costs will be deducted from any recovery you receive at the end. You may be required to pay fees even if you lose depending on the lawyer and the case.

The majority of personal injury attorneys provide a free consultation to review your case and explain their fee structure. After you’ve decided on a lawyer you should be given a written contingency fee deal to sign. Read it attentively and ask as many questions as you need to in order to fully comprehend what you’ll be paying.


It is critical that you feel comfortable speaking with the council. Your lawyer will be a member of your recovery team and will have access to a great deal of confidential information. You want someone you can tell everything to and trust that they will comprehend and be on your side. If you feel like the attorney is talking down to you during the consultation this is a clear sign that they aren’t the right attorney for you.

Trial Experience

Find a lawyer with trial expertise. Some lawyers will concentrate on obtaining quick settlements from insurance companies. This takes the least amount of effort from them. You want someone who is willing to invest the resources required to get you what you earn and has the experience to fight for it and win in court if necessary.

Communicates Well

You should have a clear understanding of what is going on when speaking with the lawyer. Lawyers who use legal jargon and fail to simplify the language may not be a good match for you.

Also, inquire about the procedure for keeping you updated on the status of the matter. Many attorneys use paralegals and assistants to handle routine aspects of the case such as document collection so you’ll most likely be interacting with the office employees as well as the lawyer. While it may not be necessary to tell you every detail you want an attorney who makes it a habit to keep clients up to date on the status of the case.

Setting the Right Expectations

Of course, you want as much money as possible for your payout. You want your medical treatment to offer you the best chance of a complete and quick recovery. Simultaneously you should have realistic expectations about your situation. This is something you should discuss with the counsel as you begin working together.

If it appears that the attorney has lesser expectations than you inquire as to why. They should be able to reference professional experience cases similar to yours and the outcomes. Don’t be surprised if the lawyer doesn’t promise you anything—lawyers are constrained by ethical rules that forbid them from making such promises.

Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are complex with numerous possible causes and responsible parties. Was it because the driver fell unconscious or because the steering failed that a truck swerved into your lane? Was the motorist drowsy as a result of drugs alcohol or working too many shifts? Was the steering failure due to a manufacturing flaw a lack of maintenance or poor workmanship at the repair facility? How do you figure out your future medical expenses and lost income as a result of the accident?

Truck accident attorneys excel at getting to the bottom of these problems. It is extremely difficult to navigate the system understand the full extent of your losses and negotiates the best settlement without the assistance of a lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a truck accident lawyer do?

Your case will be handled by a truck accident lawyer throughout the settlement or trial procedure. They determine the responsible parties, collect evidence, and interview witnesses. They negotiate with the insurance provider once they have enough information. If talks fail, they will take your case to trial on your behalf.

Why do lawyers take so long to settle a case?

It can take some time to gather the necessary paperwork. The attorney must then negotiate with the insurance company, which is infamously slow in this process. If the case proceeds to trial, the parties must be served and court dates must be set. All of this requires time and involves many parties’ calendars.

How often should I hear from my attorney?

When there is important information to share, such as a settlement deal, you should hear from your attorney. In general, your counsel should keep you updated on the status of your case every few weeks. Each attorney is unique and has their own speaking style.

Should I get a lawyer for an accident that was my fault?

When you are not at fault in an accident, it is best to consult with an attorney and seek a settlement or judgment from the other party’s insurance provider. If you believe your own insurance company is not handling your case correctly, you may hire an attorney to represent you.