Has Alex Holland Body been Found? Death And Obituary – What Happened?

“Many people around the world are searching for more information about Alex Holland’s case after his body was found.”

Lots of news websites are talking about a sad story called “Alex Holland Body Found”. It’s a popular topic right now and many people are trying to find out more information about what happened.

A man was found dead in a ditch after being missing for three months. The coroner doesn’t know how he died.

An investigation could not find out exactly how Alex Holland died according to an official inquiry.

Even though there were traces of cocaine and alcohol in Alex Holland’s body the inquest didn’t find any evidence that these contributed to his death. Also, there were no signs of violence or suicide.

Has Alex Holland Body been Found?

Many people around the world are trying to learn more about the disturbing case of Alex Holland’s body being found and as a result, it has become a very popular topic.

After the news about Alex Holland was shared worldwide many news websites published articles with headlines such as “Alex Holland Body Found.” They are trying to find out more information about what happened.

Has Alex Holland Body been Found? Death And Obituary – What Happened?

Last year on November 28 Mr. Holland who was 27 years old disappeared from his parent’s house in Delane Road Deal. His body was later found on February 17 in the water near Pinnock Wall in Hacklinge which is close by.

On February 17 it was officially announced that he had died.

After Alex Holland’s body was examined the cause of his death could not be determined because there were no signs of violence or injury. Therefore his death was recorded as uncertain.

During the investigation, a test found only small amounts of alcohol and cocaine in his body but they were not considered the cause of death.

After Mr. Holland and his wife got separated he moved in with his parents. Mr. Holland works as a delivery driver in Dover.

Det Sgt Martin Marenghi spoke to the hearing through a video call and said that Mr. Holland’s mother Rachel Holland reported him missing. It was just before 7:30 pm on November 29. He hadn’t been seen since 9 pm the day before.

His family and the Police tried to call him on his phone but they couldn’t get through to him. They didn’t manage to reach him.

He was driving a courtesy car near his old home on Jubilee Road in Worth. His own car was being repaired at the time.

On November 30 a Police aircraft came just before sunrise. They looked for Mr. Holland within 500 meters of where he was last seen. They also looked over Sandwich Bay and the English Channel.

Alex Holland Death And Obituary

A year ago the parents of a man with two kids found him dead in a ditch. They said not knowing what happened to him was like a scary dream that never ended.

A 27-year-old named Alex Holland disappeared from Deal in November 2021. His body was found three months later near Worth.

Has Alex Holland Body been Found? Death And Obituary – What Happened?
Kent Live

Alex Holland’s parents weren’t happy with how the Kent Police did the investigation. They complained to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

The police said they couldn’t say anything about it.

In November 2021 Mr. Holland told his parents he was going outside for a cigarette. His body was found in a watery ditch 12 weeks later.

He only had one shoe on and his car was a mile from where he was found.