Grumpy at the Grammys? J.Lo is kidding Ben Affleck!

Didn’t Ben Affleck (50) have fun at the Grammys? After receiving the biggest music award, the actor went viral on social media. The reason: the Hollywood star looked so grumpy on several recordings that you might think he was terribly bored – while his sweetheart Jennifer Lopez (53) just beamed next to him or listened with interest to what was happening on stage. Now J.Lo made the fun of it and took ben on the shovel!

Via Twitter the singer advertised his new film “Air” – with a hidden dig at her husband: jennifer shared a still from the drama in which ben looking out of the laundry in total displeasure again. Below she quipped: “That’s my husband’s happy face.” The fans laughed in the comments: “I love bens B*tch face,” one user pointed out. Another quipped, “But what does he look like when he’s really mad?”

The funny thing is, an eyewitness who sat next to Ben as a placeholder at the event reported on afterwards tik tok: Jennifer would have shown her husband on her cell phone what was circulating about him on the internet! “He knew during the performance that he was a meme. He knew it and he chose not to change his facial expression.”described the user.