Fashion Designer Katie Gallagher Found Dead - Police Investigate Cause of Death
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Fashion Designer Katie Gallagher Found Dead – Police Investigate Cause of Death: Many people are searching for a video about Katie Gallagher’s death on the internet. Her death was declared a homicide and she was a famous fashion designer from America who had her own company in New York City. She was known for making special designs and patterns.

Big magazines like Vogue Italy Elle Interview and Refinery 29 talked about Gallagher’s clothes. Refinery 29 even picked Katie as one of the top six designers to keep an eye on.

In January 2010 Gallagher was picked as one of the semifinalists in the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation’s competition for new fashion designers. Katie Gallagher’s family didn’t know where she was for eight months until they found her dead in her bed in her apartment in Manhattan.

Gallagher made clothes that were in Vogue and Glamour magazines. Famous people like Laverne Cox and Lady Gaga wore her designs too.

Katie Gallagher: Death

Lots of people want to know how Katie Gallagher died and they’re looking for a video about it too. There aren’t any videos called “Katie Gallagher death video” online. But lots of news channels and websites have talked about her death and made videos about it.

Investigators think that some people who have been stealing things with the help of drugs in the city might have something to do with the death of a young fashion designer from New York last year.

Since Kathryn Marie Gallagher who was 35 years old was found dead in her apartment in the Lower East Side on July 24 2013 no one knows for sure what happened to her.

Katie Gallagher’s Death Investigation: Was it Murder or Suicide?

When people found out that Katie Gallagher had died the news was everywhere on the internet. Lots of people wanted to know if someone killed her or if she did something to herself.

Right now we don’t know if someone hurt her or if she did something to herself. But the people who look at dead bodies to find out why someone died said that Gallagher died because of drugs and alcohol. They found fentanyl p-fluoro fentanyl and ethanol in her body. The police in New York said that her death was murder on Friday.

The police in New York didn’t say much about the investigation. But they are trying to figure out if someone gave Gallagher drugs that would kill her on purpose. They think maybe someone wanted to rob her.

If the people who are trying to figure out what happened to Katie Gallagher find some proof there might be a video that shows what happened to her. But we don’t know for sure if there’s a video about her death.

Because Gallagher died because of fentanyl people are worried about how dangerous that drug is. Last year more than 100000 people in the US died because of drugs. Fentanyl caused two-thirds of those deaths.

A Look Back at Katie Gallagher’s Impressive Career

Katie Gallagher was born in Pennsylvania U.S. on August 15, 1986. When she finished her first year at the Rhode Island School of Design she decided to study how to make clothes.

When Katie Gallagher was in college she made a piece of clothing using some springs. Later she moved to New York City and started her own company called “Katie Gallagher”. She made a new collection of clothes for the spring and summer in 2010 and it was going to be shown at New York Fashion Week in September 2009.

Before making the new collection of clothes Katie drew some pictures and ideas to help her plan what the clothes would look like. Katie Gallagher showed her new collections of clothes at New York Fashion Week. She showed six collections: SS10, AW10, AW11, AW11, SS12, and AW12. Refinery 29 talked about her SS10 collection and said it looked like it was from the future and it was very cool.

Katie Gallagher used lots of different materials to make her clothes like wool leather and silk. Some famous people like Daphne Guinness and Nicola Formichetti who helps Lady Gaga look cool picked some of Katie Gallagher’s clothes to put in pictures for magazines.

Lots of fancy stores around the world sell Katie Gallagher’s clothes now. She also made a new collection called “Katie by Katie Gallagher” in November 2012. This new collection has some separate pieces of clothes and some jewelry.