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Emma Kenney Bio, Net Worth, Height, Body Measurements, Boyfriend

Emma Kenney Bio, Net Worth, Height, Body Measurements, Boyfriend
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The American actress Emma Kenney has made a name for herself by playing the despicable character of Debbie Gallagher in the Showtime series Shameless. After growing up on our screens, the once childish actress officially became an adult in 2017 and the future couldn’t look more promising.

Emma Kenney Bio, Net Worth, Height, Body Measurements, Boyfriend

When we talk about her adulthood, Kenney’s 18th birthday was a Shameless affair. Her fellow actors, who invited her to dinner and sang “Happy Birthday” to her at her table, read to her. The party was a joint celebration with another Shameless star, Emmy Rossum, who turned 31 on September 12. According to the Instagram pictures, it was indeed a fun day.

Emma Kenney Bio

Emma Rose Kenney was born in Manhattan, New York on September 14, 1999, the daughter of attorney Gillian and sports writer Kevin Kenney, who raised her in the Scotch Plains, New Jersey. She has a brother. Kenney grew up with a strong affinity for acting. At the age of 5, she started taking improvisation classes with her best friend Ciera Gill. Like most child actors, Kenney started with commercials, including one she shot for Scholastic Books. She also had appearances as a voice actress.

At the age of 8, in 2007, her current manager discovered her. The following year, in 2008, she made her debut in a short film called Lyre Liar, and later that year she appeared in Bittersweet.

In 2009 Kenney made her directing debut with “The New Girl In Town”. The short film made it to the finals at the 2009 New Jersey International Festival, and her performances in 2009 included short films; A (Not So) Civil Union, and Three Little Puppets, as well as the television films Green Apples and Day Camp.

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Kenney played the role of Aylesh Rohan in the second season of Episode 7 of Boardwalk Empire in 2011, and also in 2011 she was cast as Debbie Gallagher, the daughter of William H. Macy’s character Frank Gallagher, in Showtime’s Shameless, which would later become her breakout role.

Kenney’s character was described as the worst character in the series, which allegedly shows the most troubled family on TV, namely the Gallaghers.

But have no pity on Kenney, she’s proud of her character… Sometime in April 2017, she published a photo of herself on Instagram, lying on a sidewalk, saying “Debbie Gallagher is the worst character in Shameless”. Since 2017, Shameless has broadcast 7 seasons, and the trend is rising.

Emma Kenney Bio, Net Worth, Height, Body Measurements, Boyfriend

Kenney’s ability to portray Deb convincingly has opened the doors to other roles. In September 2017, it was announced that Kenney will play the regular role of Harris Healy, the daughter of Darlene and David Connor, in ABC’s remake of Roseanne, due to air in early 2018.

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Emma Kenney Net Worth

Emma Kenney is another good example of how you can get to happiness very quickly through acting. In 2012, TMZ reported that during the first season of Shameless, which had 12 episodes, Kenney was paid $12,000 per episode, which means she received about $144,000 for season one.

Emma Kenney Net Worth

For Season 2, she got a 4% pay rise, or nearly $12,500 per episode, which brought her a total of about $150,000 for Season 2. She also received another 4% increase for the third season. Considering she’s been on the show for 7 seasons and the number of cases is increasing, Emma smiles all the way to the bank and adds more roles? My goodness! It must be good to be Emma. Her net worth is estimated at $300,000 to $500,000. But her numbers will certainly increase with future lucrative gigs.


At the time of writing Emma seems to be single. According to our research, she hasn’t been associated with anyone. But, hey, it’s only a matter of time… Interestingly, she has good taste in men. In a 2014 interview with Vulture, she revealed that she has a crush on Dylan O’Brien, Harry Styles and Teen Wolf’s divergent, and Carrie actor Ansel Elgort.

Some of her words in the interview reads;

“…I still have to watch Teen Wolf. Everybody’s recommending it. I haven’t even had a chance to watch the first episode. But Dylan O’Brien, I mean … I loooovvve Dylan O’Brien. He’s so hot…I’ve stalked him on Google; I Google photos of him when I’m bored. And he’s perfect. I’m also obsessed with Ansel Elgort, oh my God.”

Emma Kenney Height: 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m)

Body Measurements: 32-25-34 inch