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Eka Darville Gay, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Career

Eka Darville Gay, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Career
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If you didn’t notice Eka Darville as Diego in “The Originals”, Pietros in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” or Ryan Morgan in “Empire”, you probably know him from “Power Rangers RPM” as Scott Truman or Taylor in “The Elephant Princess”.

Assuming that you missed him in all of these, albeit unlikely, you must definitely acknowledge his existence in the film industry from Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” and the mini-series – “The Defenders” he was Malcolm Ducasse.

As an Australian actor, it is agreed that Eka Darville’s portrayals in “Power Rangers RPM”, Pip in “Mr. Pip” and Netflix “Jessica Jones” are his most famous roles.

For Eka, acting is an optional and alternative form of expression. As he once said:

“Acting… is part of all the possibilities that I (myself) express creatively. I have been making music all my life, I have been dancing all my life, I have been acting all my life, and they all merge in different ways.

Eka Darville Wiki/Bio

According to records, Eka Darville was born in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia, to a Canadian mother and a Jamaican father. He was born on 11 April 1989.

It is true that Darville’s biological father is a well-known Jamaican reggae artist – Ray Darwin. But Darwin is not the father that Eka grew up with. He was raised by another musician, a drummer who makes African drums. Eka’s mother is Canadian and also half Jamaican.

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Although it is known that Eka Darville attended Byron Bay High School, it is believed that he starred in his first television series while finishing his last year of high school and later studied electronic music production in New York City.

Darville was literally all over the world. For all we know, he traveled and lived in 16 countries when he was a teenager. If you asked him about it, he would say:

“(I) learned to walk on a deserted beach in the Philippines, lived in a West African village for over a year, was fluent in Mandinka – the traditional language of Gambia -, escaped two African military coups, was attacked by a baboon in Zambia (and) toured Europe in a rollercoaster bus.

Eka left home when he was 16 years old to acquire knowledge that is essential for his dreams of being a performing artist. As a professional musician, he toured Australia and Hong Kong. However, his hometown is Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia.

Eka Darville Gay, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Career

While Eka enjoys skating and surfing, he jumped out of an airplane in a red one-piece spandex suit. He has worked as a diving assistant and is a certified SSI diver.

Eka believes that he is one of the happiest people in the world. Having been to many places around the world, he believes that his experience is the greatest teacher, a master to whom he has dedicated his life.

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Eka Darville Career/Salary/Net Worth

It is no secret that Eka Darville has worked as a professional actress in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the USA.

His passion for acting has been traced back to his high school days. Eka would agree that he had a very formative acting teacher in high school. He likes to imagine that the acting teacher saw that he was made for this profession and did his best to encourage and prepare him for it.

Later, Eka was offered the opportunity to attend the Victorian College of the Arts – the second most important theatre studies center in Australia. But then he was also offered a role in “Blue Water High”.

So Eka’s career began when he was just leaving high school. From there he has now established himself as a well-known actor in Australian and American productions.

It is not unusual for people to want to know how much Eka has made out of his career. Such things have always been what fans want to know about celebrities.

Several numbers have been given as Eka Darville’s salary or net worth. For example, it is easy to find on the Internet that Darville’s net worth is estimated at 0.2 million dollars. But none of the numbers given as his salary or net worth are authentic.

He makes a decent living throughout his career. That’s all that’s known.


It has often been asked or assumed that Eka Darville is gay. The suppositions were certainly inspired by his portrayal as Pietros in “Spartacus” and Ryan Morgan in “Empire”. In the first case, he was a gay slave, in the second case a proud slave.

Well, it is safe to say that Eka is heterosexual, he is not gay.

He is married to Lila Darville, his longtime girlfriend, and they have a son together.

Earlier this month, Eka disclosed that he and Lila will be having another baby.


The Australian actor is 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Quick Facts About Eka Darville

 Date of Birth:11 April 1989
 Age:31 years old
 Birth Nation:Australia
 Height:6feet 1inch
NameEka Darville
Birth Place/CityCairns
Net Worth$ 0.2 million
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Weight in KG75 KG
MarriedNot Yet
EducationByron Bay High School
MoviesMister Pip
TV ShowJessica Jones