Dr Disrespect (Guy Beahm) Wife, Wiki, Bio, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Facts
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Nowadays, celebrity status is no longer limited to musicians, actors and other professional entertainers in the industry. More and more entertainers are awarded celebrity status because they do things for us that we would normally do on our own. Video gamers are becoming more and more famous, and one of those people who has become known around the world is Dr. Disrespect or Doc Disrespect, also known as Guy Beahm.

Video games have been a form of entertainment since their inception, and most modern people have spent some time or more learning how to play them and actually playing them. Some are equally entertained by watching others play, while so many others enjoy video games in both ways: playing themselves and watching others play. The former category of game fans is most grateful to Dr. Disrespect, who is a professional celebrity player.

Here is the story of Dr. Disrespect, his wiki, bio, family, girlfriend, the size of his wife and some interesting facts about him that you didn’t know.

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Wiki/Bio of Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect, who is known for his YouTube videos and Twitch.tv streams, was born on March 10, 1982, and was given the name Guy Beahm. Details of who his parents are and whether or not he has siblings are not publicly available as we know him more for video games than for how rich or otherwise his background was.

Beham is a 2005 graduate of California State Polytechnic University, and after graduating from college he started working at Sledgehammer Games as a Community Manager. Sledgehammer is a leading and serious game developer in America with a high level of acceptance and loyalty to game enthusiasts in America and beyond.

He proved himself worthy of the position of Community Manager and was promoted to a level design position in the company’s studios in 2012. Because Beham is always ready to deliver value wherever he is, he has been able to accomplish a lot, because to this day his records still speak for him. He helped develop games sold worldwide, such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which included Solar Horizon, Recovery, Slideshow, Quarantine, Site 244 and Instinct.

After having achieved such great success over a 3 year period, he announced his intention to retire from the game company in September 2015. This should give him the opportunity, which he never had, to pursue other life interests. When he resigned from Sledgehammer Games, he returned to his former job as a professional gamer and gave the other side of him, known as Dr. Disrepect, more fame, and popularity. He began streaming his game videos on YouTube and Twitch.tv, which resulted in over 550,000 followers on Twitch alone with over 670,000 subscribers to YouTube. He has successfully done what he is currently doing and it seems that he will be unstoppable in the near future.

Dr. Disrespect’s Wife, Girlfriend, Family

Dr. Disrespect was very defensive about keeping his family out of the public discussion. Without his numerous Twitter posts in which he mentioned his wife, family, and daughter, he would be passed off as an unmarried celebrity, because not much is known about his better half.

However, he was considerate enough to satisfy the second question, whether or not he has a descendant. In 2016 he wished a certain @StephenCurry30 on Twitter a happy new year with photos of his little daughter. So he willingly revealed that he had a little girl with his wife.

Dr. Disrespect once revealed in an emotional video posted on YouTube on December 14, 2017, that he had cheated on his wife and would take some time off (streaming games) to focus more on his family, which means more to him.

Well, his wife didn’t divorce him after that, which probably supports him more than critics of Beham’s infidelity would have expected. The two are still together and hopefully have overcome the slander that the video brought to their family.

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Dr. Disrespect’s Height and Other Facts

The gaming professional stands high at a height of “6’4” and weighs 69 kg. He is an imposing figure and stands out wherever he goes.

Some more facts about him include:

  • He’s of Caucasian descent.
  • He is tall and keeps a good body shape
  • He is also famous for his play clothes and costume
  • Disrespect is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University
  • He became one of the creators of a multiplayer game like Call of Duty