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Don Stark Biography – 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About The TV Actor

Don Stark Biography – 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About The TV Actor
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You may only know Don Stark as an American actor and for his role in the sitcom That ’70s Show, where he played the role of Bob Pinciotti. See five more interesting facts you need to know about him.

Don Stark Biography

Don Stark was born on July 5, 1954, in New York City, New York, as Donald Stark. His parents are Alan Stark, his father, and Debra Antonelli, his mother. His father, Alan, who died in 2008, was an actor, which reveals who Don Stark was looking for. His mother also appeared on Broadway. He is the third of four children born to his parents. His other siblings are Anita, Frank, and Barbara Stark. He received his high school education at Cleveland High School in Reseda, California, and graduated in 1972.

During his school years, Stark was passionate about football, but joined the school’s drama team and played more roles in plays than on the field in the school’s drama department. He appeared in Guys and Dolls, Dark of the Moon, and Othello, the award-winning Shakespearean drama. After high school, he attended California State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in theater studies. Stark is of mixed descent, his father is of German-Jewish descent, while his mother was of Italian descent. He has American citizenship and his ethnicity is white.

Don Stark Career

Although Don Stark decided to enter the world of entertainment (acting) while still in high school, and even got some leading roles that made him popular in high school, his professional television debut came in 1973 with the TV sitcom titled Outrage. He made his first film appearance in 1975 in the feature film Switchblade Sisters. He also played small roles in several other television shows, including General Hospital (1963) and Man in the Family (1991).

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His biggest and most distinctive role was in the FOX sitcom that aired between 1998 and 2006 under the title That ’70s Show when he portrayed the character of Bob Pinciotti, a character he retained throughout the eight seasons of the series ran. The series made him a household name and revived his acting career, which had already come to a standstill. He benefited from the recognition he gained through the television series and gained more high-profile roles. He played Stu Braudy in the 2000 HBO television series Curb Your Enthusiasm, and also had an on-screen appearance in the blockbuster John Carter (2012).

5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About The TV Actor

He started his acting career in high school

Don Stark began his career as a high school student – Cleveland High School – and the circumstances that drove him to it are quite unnatural. At first, it wasn’t his passion or interest, but during his school days his friend made it a challenge that he couldn’t do it – he joined the school drama group. But to his friend’s astonishment, he accepted the challenge and joined the drama club, and so began his acting career. His first outing with the team was the leading role in the play “Dark of the Moon” by Howard Richardson. The production was very successful and went very well, which meant that Stark had to appear in other productions in high school, including the award-winning Othello and Guys and Dolls.

He is best known for his comedic role as Bob Pinciotti

Perhaps his best role on television is his interpretation of the character of Bob Pinciotti in the 1998 TV series That ’70s Show, which seemed to stay with him after the series ended in 2006, as he is widely known for his role in the series. And it’s important to note that Stark appeared on the show repeatedly throughout the eight seasons of the series – from 1998 to 2006.

His career was taking a downturn before he was cast in “That ’70s Show”

Before he appeared on the That ’70s Show, Stark’s acting career was already going downhill. He was cast in the 1995 TV sitcom Bless This House when he was desperately looking for a career-boosting screen role. His involvement in the latest series did not last long, as the series was canceled after the first season. It didn’t help that he starred in the 1996 movie Santa with Muscles, which was rated “one of the worst Christmas movies ever”. He played in the movie alongside Hulk Hogan. After that, he played in another role, which was also a flop in 1997. He appeared in the adaptation of the sci-fi movie Timecop (1997) in which he played the role of a commanding officer. Only the following year, 1998, did he make the right decision in his career with That ’70s Show (1998-2006), in which he played the role of Bob Pinciotti.

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Don Stark has other interests asides from acting

Don Stark has a list of other recreational activities that he pursues when he is not acting, including bodybuilding and martial arts.

He has been married twice

Don has been married to Aubrey Robinson since 1989. Although very little information is available about his married life, it is known that he was previously married to Julie Stark and that before their divorce they had two daughters, Nicole and Samantha.