Deitrick Haddon 50th Birthday Celebration: A Memorable Party with Family and Fun
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Deitrick Haddon 50th Birthday Celebration: A Memorable Party with Family and Fun: Deitrick Haddon, a renowned American musician, and gospel singer, recently celebrated his 50th birthday with a joyous party. The event garnered attention on social media, and a video from the celebration went viral.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of Deitrick Haddon’s career, his family life, and the highlights of his memorable birthday party. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting details of this special occasion.

Deitrick Haddon: A Talented Gospel Musician

Deitrick Vaughn Haddon, hailing from Detroit, Michigan, is a celebrated gospel singer, songwriter, pianist, and record pastor. He has been active in the music industry since 1995, with his music spanning genres such as Gospel, Urban Gospel, Pop, and Soul.

Throughout his career, Deitrick Haddon has worked with esteemed music labels like Tysot, Arista, Verity, and RCA Inspiration. He has also showcased his talents as an actor and a pastor.

Deitrick Haddon’s Personal Life

Deitrick Haddon tied the knot with Damita Chandler in 1996, and they were married for 15 years before separating in 2011. After his divorce, he found love again and married Dominique Haddon, his current wife.

Together, they have two daughters named Denver and Destin, as well as a son named Deitrick II. Dominique, alongside Deitrick, is a devoted member of the Hilly City Church in Los Angeles, where she serves as the executive pastor while Deitrick leads as the senior pastor.

Deitrick Haddon’s 50th Birthday Party

On May 22, 2023, Deitrick Haddon celebrated his milestone 50th birthday with an unforgettable party. The musician took to social media to share a video from the event that quickly gained attention. In the video, Deitrick’s wife showcased her dance moves and treated him to an energetic twerk.

Deitrick Haddon 50th Birthday Celebration: A Memorable Party with Family and Fun

Deitrick Haddon, appreciating the playful gesture, captioned the video by expressing his joy and emphasizing the importance of having a supportive and fun-loving partner. The video captured the essence of the celebration and showcased the couple’s love and happiness.

Deitrick Haddon, a prominent figure in the American music industry, recently marked his 50th birthday with a remarkable celebration. As a talented gospel singer and musician, Deitrick Haddon has garnered a significant following throughout his career.

The video from his birthday party, featuring his wife’s twerking dance, went viral and brought joy to many. This event not only highlighted the milestone in Deitrick Haddon’s life but also showcased the importance of love, support, and togetherness within a family. The celebration was a testament to the joyous moments that can be shared with loved ones.