David Beckham boasts a visit to Mexico City and users recommend tacos

Former soccer player David Beckham was surprised on social networks with a photo of his visit to Mexico City that was well received by his followers, who began to make all kinds of gastronomic recommendations, especially about the tacos that he should try.

In the image published on his Instagram account, the “Spice Boy” poses from a balcony on a street in the Historic Center of CDMX, where some users speculated that it was from Madero, which cannot be because it is only pedestrian and the image It could be captured from September 16th Street, where one of the Adidas stores is located, the reason why Beckham could be visiting Mexico for an event of the sports brand that sponsors him.

“Very good to be back in Mexico. Wow, I love this city,” Beckham shared with three hearts in green, white, and red that formed the colors of the Mexican flag, as well as labeling the Adidas account, which responded: “Hi David! Welcome back!”

Mexicans recommend tacos to David Beckham

The reactions of David Beckham’s followers were of all kinds, most of them began to show their gastronomic influencer side with recommendations on the tacos in the area that they should try when being in the Historic Center.


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“Fuck some very golden tripe there for Isabel la Católica”, wrote the user @oscaralcantaraa, while @pauescribe recommended the tacos al pastor to enjoy one of the best meals of his life.

Others invited him to tacos, some more wrote that he should travel to their states, including Oaxaca, while a girl told him that whatever was offered “an Uber or something, send me a little message.”

Nor was there a lack of dreaming fans who came up with the idea that Beckham’s presence was to replace Fernando Ortiz in the technical direction of América.

David Beckham was godfather to Marc Anthony

Just last Saturday David Beckham was partying, being together with the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim Domit the godparents of the singer Marc Anthony in his exclusive wedding with the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira.

The model also had only two bridesmaids, her mother Ludy Ferreira, and María Elena Torruco, the wife of Carlos Slim Domit.

The list of celebrities was headed by David Beckham and his wife Victoria, Maluma, Romeo Santos, Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Marco Antonio Solís and some Latin American presidents were also present.