Colton Underwood And Aly Raisman, Daughter, Net Worth, Salary

Colton Underwood And Aly Raisman, Daughter, Net Worth, Salary

It seems that the romantic ties between people of the same profession will not disappear so quickly. But for Colton Underwood and Aly Raisman, this could be the end of their fairy-tale relationship.

But first a little background story about the duo.

Colton Underwood and Aly Raisman

Colton Underwood, born on 26 January 1992, is an American footballer who plays in the tight end position. His career has obviously not been quite what he imagined – or what he wanted. He was only involved in the off-season and training squads throughout his professional career.

On May 10, 2014, he was hired by the San Diego Chargers as an unconceptual free player. This position lasted barely three months, as he was dismissed on August 30 of the same year. A little over a week later, it felt as if he had been given a new assignment for his career when he joined the training squad of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Colton Underwood And Aly Raisman, Daughter, Net Worth, Salary
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The San Diego Chargers picked him up again on September 23, 2014. Underwood was taken back and joined the team’s training squad. On December 29, 2014, he put a future contract on paper, which he waived on September 5 the following year. One day later he was admitted to the injury reserve and four days later he was released from the injury reserve. The Oakland Raiders took him out of the hands of the Eagles on December 1, 2015, and accepted him into their training squad. On August 29, 2016, he was released by the Oakland team.

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Aly Raisman has been much luckier in her career than Colton. She was born May 25, 1994, in Needham, Massachusetts. Maybe it helps that she was born by a gymnast’s mother, Lynn Raisman. The sporting history of her mother and Aly’s adoration for the gold medalist of the 1996 Summer Olympics – the “Magnificent Seven” – began very early in this part of the world, at the age of two.

Since 2009 she has professionally participated in a large number of Olympic competitions. She has participated in the American Classic, U.S. Classic, National Championships, and many other competitions. She has also participated in numerous Olympic competitions on the world stage and can show medals.

At the 2012 Olympic Games, Aly won two gold medals and one bronze medal for the team, floor, and balance beam competitions. At the next edition of the Olympic Games, she also won a gold medal and silver for the team and all-around competitions respectively. She was also among the American gold teams in the 2011 and 2015 World Championships.

Aly Raisman and Colin Underwood met – at least virtually – after their successes at the 2016 Olympics, and Colin had made her an offer via video for a double date with his teammate Andrew East and former Olympic champion Shawn Johnson. It was supposed to be just one date, but a few months later they confirmed to the already suspicious fans that it was more than just that. They were officially together, they were seen both online and at red carpet events, including the Golden Globes.

Colton Underwood and Aly Raisman visit hospital
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Colton and Aly visit a hospital spill that happened in 2017, after which Colton confirmed in a phone interview that they would take a break from each other. He cited their strict training schedule and travel as the main reason for the separation but says they are in a good place and still talk to each other often. Their fans continue to hope that they will get back together.

Meanwhile, Aly was busy these days giving her voice and anger to the trial of the famous Olympic doctor Larry Nassar, the prominent doctor guilty of sexual abuse of young gymnasts who were in his care.

The list of victims includes Olympic medalists Simon Biles, McKayla Maroney, Gabby Douglas, and Aly Raisman himself. Retired gymnasts such as Shawn Johnson also came out to support the girls and express their deep disgust with US gymnastics and USOC for not having addressed the issue when it became known more than a year ago.

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Colton Underwood and Aly Raisman do not have a child together. It seems their budding romance didn’t have enough time to blossom into something permanent.

Salary and Net Worth

Colton Underwood and Aly Raisman may not have joint assets because they are not officially married. With all the sporting efforts Aly has made since 2009, she should be sitting on a nice pile of money. This is especially true if you include her numerous Olympic medals in the calculation. Recent reports indicate that Aly Raisman’s net worth is $2 million.

For Colton, football is not the only profession he earns a living from. He owns a restaurant called the 4th & Goal Grill in Washington, Illinois. Underwood opened the sports bar in August 2016, and he also has a non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth in athletics. The Legacy Foundation, as it is known, is also dedicated to supporting people living with cystic fibrosis while providing resources for research into the disease. Colton Underwood has a net worth of $1.1 million.