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Christopher Cody Cyrus Biography, Siblings, Family, Quick Facts

Christopher Cody Cyrus Biography, Siblings, Family, Quick Facts
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Until shortly before 2010, it was never known that there was anyone else in the Cyrus family, from which Miley Cyrus came, known as Christopher Cody Cyrus. Christopher is a member of the family who has caused a lot of interest since he managed to get out of the shadows, even though he never forced himself to be part of the family.

Christopher Cody Cyrus Biography

Cody was born on 8 April 1992 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He was born the son of Billy Ray Cyrus of Kristin Luckey, who was a waitress at the time. Before his birth, his parents had dated for some time in 1991 and they separated before he was born.

When he was born, his father, an American singer, songwriter, and actor, had divorced his first wife Cindy Smith and was ready to marry the actress and producer Leticia Jean Finley, who was already pregnant with his half-sister Miley Cyrus.

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Since Christopher Cody Cyrus was always separated from his father and the rest of the Cyrus family, he was raised by his mother and attended Myrtle Beach Intermediate School in South Carolina before moving to Forrestbrook Middle High School, also in South Carolina. From there he went to the Law School of the University of Texas.

Cody’s Family and Siblings

Unlike a larger part of his semi-family, which consists of singers, actors, and actresses, Christopher is not in the entertainment industry, and although he shared a picture of himself with a guitar on his Instagram page, there is little indication that he will have anything to do with music.

His half brothers and sisters

It’s not just Hanna Montana (Miley Cyrus) that Cody has a half-brother and sister. His father also has other children, including American actress Noah Cyrus, born on January 8, 2000, actor Braison Cyrus, born on May 9, 1994, American musician Trace Cyrus, born on February 24, 1989, and actress Brandi Cyrus, born on May 26, 1987.

While Brandi and Trace of Tish were born to her ex-husband Baxter Neal Helson, they were legally adopted by Billy Ray, hence the name change. Miley Cyrus, Braison, and Noah were born to the singer and actress Tish. This means that Christopher Cody is the eldest of his biological children.

Quick Facts About Cody Cyrus

1. He leads a very low profile life

Although his family is one of the largest families in the entertainment industry, Christopher has always stayed away and led an unremarkable life. He once worked in an electronics store where he earned $7.5 an hour and was dependent on his mother to drive him to school. And this despite the fact that he had a family with a father who was very wealthy and a half-sister worth hundreds of millions.

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2. Still speaks well of his father and sister

Although he has remained in the dark for almost eternity, Christopher still doesn’t speak ill of his family. He reveals that he has good relations with his father, but has no relationship with the actor and singer. About Miley Cyrus, he describes her as someone who is like everyone else, not obsessed with himself, and easy to laugh at.

3. His net worth

One could easily assume that Christopher must be very rich just because he is the son of Billy Ray Cyrus, who has a net worth of $20 million, and a brother of pop singer Miley Cyrus, who is worth about $200 million. Amazingly, there was a time when, although his current net worth is still very unknown, his net worth was nothing to write home about.

4. Cody’s love life

The relationship status of Christopher Cody Cyrus is not known, but he has declared his love for an unknown woman in a Facebook post. Even more, he is always seen on Facebook with a wife and two children. It is not known whether they are in a relationship or not.

5. Social Media

As it turns out, he differs from his other siblings in the way he was brought up and also in the attempt to remain private. That’s why Chris Cody is not a big fan of social media as he doesn’t have any so-called official accounts. In fact, he is not too involved in his personal accounts as he doesn’t have many activities there.