Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Brothers Kids Daughter And Family

Chris Hemsworth is a well-known name in the film industry. Not only has the actor been in various successful movies like Avengers and Thor but he is also ranked as one of the sexiest men ever to have honored the screen according to People Magazine. The actor was named the sexiest man of 2014 by People magazine beating Idris Elba and Chris Pratt. let’s find out a few facts about Chris Hemsworth’s wife Brothers Kids and family

Chris Hemsworth’s Wife

Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Brothers Kids Daughter And Family

From his handsome look to his baby blue eyes, Chris has become very popular with the ladies but sorry to burst the bubble the actor is married and has been married since 2010. Yes! He is married to his long-time girlfriend Elsa Pataky.

Chris met his love through mutual acquaintances at the beginning of 2010 and the two were established at the end of the year. Elsa Pataky is also an actress. The Spanish star has also embarked on modeling and film production but she is best known as an actress in films such as Fast Five Fast and Furious 6 Furious 7 and Snakes on a Plane.

Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Brothers Kids Daughter And Family

Chris has been known to spurt on Elsa from time to time even though the two have been married for some time now. In an interview with TV Week, the actress said: “Every week I find something different more and more that I like about her. It continues to grow which is a great thing.” He explained that it was so easy to be with her and that it made sense for both of them to tie the knot just a year after their meeting. So there we have it that’s all we could gather about Chris Hemsworth’s Wife.

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Chris Hemsworth’s Family

Chris and Elsa soon started a family after tying the knot they have three children together. Their first child and daughter India Rose arrived in 2011 barely a year after their marriage. The twins Tristan and Sasha followed.

Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Brothers Kids Daughter And Family

Since it became a house name he and his family have returned to Byron Bay Australia. He explained that he no longer felt the need to stay in Los Angeles because his successful career offers certain ease to get future roles.

Chris Hemsworth’s Daughter

Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Brothers Kids Daughter And Family

Since India Rose is Chris’ first child there is quite an attachment between father and daughter because the little angel practically stole her father’s heart. He was spotted many times while shopping or managing his daily business.

When she was 4 years old Chris made her a dinosaur cake and yes the video and tweet of the cake went viral. But most of all Chris really likes spending time with his little princess.

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Chris Hemsworth Brothers

Known as one of Hollywood’s sexiest brothers the Hemsworth brothers grew up in Melbourne Australia. The three brothers all actors are the only children of their parents Leonie and Craig Hemsworth. Chris is the middle child of the band his older brother Luke is popularly known for his role in the TV series Neighbours and Liam the younger is best known for his role in The Hunger Games movie series.

Although Chris and Liam make a lot of money and are the most popular actors in the family a lesser-known fact is that the eldest Luke was the first to start his acting career and thus open the way for his brothers.

Blockbusters and Being Named the Sexiest Man Alive

Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role as a superhero in The Avengers Thor: The Dark World and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Chris and his teammate Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of Thor Chris got the role and Tom was chosen to play Loki.

The film Thor raised $449.3 million and made $181 million in the year of its release in 2011 making it one of the most profitable superhero films of all time. This blockbuster catapulted Chris to the rank of a star. The millionaire actor has an estimated net worth of $71 million.

Chris Hemsworth to Thor

Chris Hemsworth to Thor

In addition to the box-office success of his superhero films, the actor is known for his celebrity status as one of the sexiest men in the world. The publication of People’s magazine in 2014 named the actor the sexiest man of his life. The actor however worked very hard to win this beautiful role as actor gained 20 pounds of lean muscle for Thor! Apparently, when he beats the bad guys Thor must be in the optimal form that most bodybuilders dream of.

Speaking of being named the sexiest man in the world Chris said he had a little laugh about it with his wife saying that it earned him the right to brag at home. I can just say “Remember that’s what people think so I don’t have to do the dishes anymore I don’t have to change diapers anymore. I’m above that. I have succeeded now,” the actor told People Magazine.