Chelsea Ambriz Bio, If Married, Who is Her Husband? Net Worth and Salary

Chelsea Ambriz Bio, If Married, Who is Her Husband? Net Worth and Salary
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Chelsea Ambriz is an on-air metrologist who became popular in the media after she was involved in a vicious brawl with her co-worker Erica Bivens. The incident not only left Bivens with a fractured skull and a ruptured eye drum but also led to Ambriz being suspended from her job.

Well, she may have become all the more popular because of this incident, but that’s not all Chelsea has to offer. The metrologist developed a fondness for nature from childhood on, after watching a television series documenting the history of the Earth on the History Channel called “How the Earth Was Made”. In addition to her work on the show, Chelsea also works as a volunteer church leader for the American Red Cross.

Chelsea Ambriz Bio

The metrologist came into the world on June 17, 1992. Her hometown is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States. Information about her family background, parents, and siblings is not yet available to the public.

Chelsea Ambriz Bio, If Married, Who is Her Husband? Net Worth and Salary
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After completing her elementary and high school education, Chelsea went to Purdue University for further education. She joined the institution in 2011 and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences with a minor in Communications. The metrologist, who is stuffed to the brim, also holds a certificate in global entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Ambriz’s broadcasting career began at CW-affiliated television WISH-TV in Indianapolis, where she completed a three-month internship while conducting weather research for the Red Cross. Later, she traveled to places like Hong Kong, Beijing, and China to learn about how companies are managed abroad.

Chelsea Ambriz’s next stop was Jackson, Tennessee-based television station WBBJ-TV in 2015, but her stay at the station, which is affiliated with ABC and CBS, lasted only two years. She then moved to Huntington-based WSAZ-TV (which is affiliated with The CW and NBC).

As an on-air forecaster for WSAZ-TV, Ambriz was known for working in the evenings and focusing primarily on weather conditions in the West Virginia area. In mid-2018, she began to tend to the wrong reason when she argued with her colleague Erica while dating her husband.

Chelsea and Erica
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According to various sources, the metrologist and her colleague got along well at the bar until Chelsea reportedly began approaching Bivens’ husband, who rejected her and told her what happened to his wife. Erica then approached Chelsea about the incident, which led to a vicious brawl between the ladies in the bar.

Chelsea Ambriz allegedly fractured her colleague’s skull and ruptured her eardrum during the fight. Although she did not publicize her suspension, it became known that she informed some of her friends that she had been fired from WSAZ television.

She was then charged with assault in connection with the August 26, 2018 fight. However, the charges were dropped sometime in January 2019 after Erica failed to appear in court. Bivens, who worked as a presenter of the WSAZ television station’s “First Look at 4 and 10 o’clock News”, is also reported to have been dismissed from the station.

Is She Married, Who Is Her Husband?

The weather anchor is currently single and not in an open relationship. While Chelsea Ambriz talks very openly about her professional life, the same cannot be said about her love life, which she has kept quiet about since she stepped into the limelight.

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Sometime in February 2018, Ambriz received widespread media attention after she was spotted with a handsome man at the West Virginia Carnival fundraiser at the Clay Centre for the Arts and Sciences, which triggered relationship rumors among her fans.

However, the weatherman later switched to her social media page to make it clear that the guy was her coworker and not her boyfriend. At the time this report was submitted, she did not introduce a man to her fans as her boyfriend or husband.

Net Worth and Salary

Chelsea Ambriz was on her way to the peak of her broadcasting career before she ran into the difficulties that led to her dismissal from WSAZ-TV. Since she left the media company, it is not clear whether she got a new job or not.

She currently has net worth of $300,000, but the exact amount that the 5 feet 7 inches metrologist takes home as salary is not known to the public.