Celia Ward Death: Pedestrian Auriol Grey Arrested And Jailed For Killing Cyclist

Celia Ward Death: Pedestrian Auriol Grey Arrested And Jailed For Killing Cyclist: The death of Celia Ward has received widespread attention and a pedestrian named Auriol Grey has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Auriol Grey a pedestrian was imprisoned in Huntingdon for her violent actions toward a cyclist which resulted in the cyclist’s death.

Grey was walking down Nursery Road in October 2020 when she began gesticulating and shouting at Celia Ward who was approaching on her bike.

Grey ordered Ward to get off the sidewalk and throw her arm at her causing Ward to fall into the road in front of an oncoming car.

Ward sadly died at the scene. Grey was found guilty by a jury at Peterborough Crown Court three years later and sentenced by Judge Sean Enright.

Grey according to the judge had a territorial attitude toward the pavement and despised the cyclist’s presence. Continue reading to learn more about this tragic incident.

Celia Ward Death: What Happened With The Cyclist

Celia Ward was the cyclist killed in Huntingdon by Auriol Grey’s violent actions in 2020.

Grey yelled and motioned aggressively toward Ward causing her to collide with a car. Ward died on the spot.

Auriol Grey a 49-year-old pedestrian received a three-year prison sentence for the manslaughter of an elderly cyclist.

The Cambridgeshire Constabulary released CCTV footage of Grey and clarified the situation.

Grey who was partially blind and had cerebral palsy confronted the cyclist who was riding on the sidewalk.

She yelled angrily at Mrs. Ward to “get off the fckng pavement” causing her to collide with a vehicle and die.

Celia Ward’s husband David Ward issued a statement following Grey’s sentencing. Mrs. Ward he said was an experienced and competent cyclist.

He expressed his sorrow over the death of his wife to whom he had been married for 53 years.

In everything, she did he described her as kind calm careful cheerful, and competent. He has only memories of their time together because of the horrific way she was taken from him.

“Her death has caused me great suffering,” he says. We relied on each other shared the same humor and outlook on life and enjoyed each other’s company. “I really miss her.”

Celia Ward Death: What Happened With The Cyclist

Grey fled the scene after killing Celia Ward and went to the supermarket to do her shopping.

The next day she was arrested claiming that the cyclist had been riding at high speeds and she had flinched out with her arm to protect herself.

During the trial however it was revealed that Grey had given a false account in her interview and had shown no remorse until the day of sentencing.

Although there was some doubt during the trial as to whether the cyclist was riding on a shared-use path the judge stated in his sentencing remarks that it was.

Grey was arrested at her home in Bradbury Place Huntingdon and stated that she had disabilities during questioning.

She mentioned having poor vision and being concerned about being hit by a bike.

Grey was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to three years in prison today after a trial at Peterborough Crown Court.

The investigation was led by Detective Sergeant Mark Dollard who described the case as difficult and tragic.