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Calum Hood Bio, Height, Age, Girlfriend And Other Facts You Need To Know

Calum Hood Bio, Height, Age, Girlfriend And Other Facts You Need To Know
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For those familiar with the name Calum Hood, the first thing that comes to mind when its name comes up is the band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS). Hood is not only the bassist and vocalist of the group but has also written or co-written a number of the songs that have brought 5SOS widespread worldwide attention.

The above is definitely not all that you need to know about Calum Hood, there is more about who he is and this piece goes beyond coverage of his biography and sheds light on the facts about his size, his girlfriend, and other things you should know about the 5SOS star.

Calum Hood Bio (Age)

As one of the first three members of the 5 Seconds of Summer, Calum Hood, along with Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings, first attracted attention through their YouTube activities, where they exchanged videos of themselves with songs by famous musicians. The band’s drummer, Ashton Irwin, who later joined the group, once revealed that he was invited by Calum Hood to join 5SOS.

And you can’t say that you know nothing about the musical achievements of the 5 Seconds of Summer band. If you make this claim, you will only be pardoned if you prove that you have lived on another planet or that you have been in a coma since 2011, the year the band was founded.

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For the sake of those who, for one reason or another, have yet to become aware of the melodic and lyrical exploits of 5SOS, and those who have somehow come to believe that the band is just an extended branch of the pop boy band One Direction, 5SOS is an Australian pop-rock band. The four-piece music group comes from Sydney, the capital of the Australian East Coast state of New South Wales.

They probably thought they were part of the London pop boy band (One Direction) because of the 2013 tour they did together, but that’s not the case. 5SOS and One Direction are independent. Although the former came into the limelight after the tour with the latter in that year, their birth dates back to 2011.

The 5SOS star was born on 25 January 1996 and was christened Calum Thomas Hood by his parents, Joy and David Hood. His only known sibling is an older sister, Mali-Koa Hood, who was born on 19 May 1991. It is common knowledge that Calum’s sister is a singer who once participated in the Australian reality talent show The Voice. She did not survive the knockout phase of the show.

It is also known that Calum and his sister are of Scottish and Kiwi descent. While her father David is from Scotland, her mother is from Auckland, New Zealand.

His Girlfriend

Although the bassist of 5 Seconds of Summer is not one of those popular people who make their romantic affairs public, he could not hide his relationships from the public, as his fans and dedicated followers of 5SOS have made it their duty to uncover any relationship he suspects.

Over the years, the musician has been romantically involved with a handful of women. One of them is Maddy Harris, a YouTube personality who many believe was made popular by the affair with Hood. It is said that Calum and Maddy were only together for three months and were separated because of Calum’s schedule, which almost always kept them apart.

Apart from Maddy, there was a time when everyone considered Nia Lovelis, a rather popular American professional drummer, to be Calum’s girlfriend. All signs pointed to the fact that no matter what attraction was passed out, the two of them were no longer together. And while there were once rumors that the 5SOS star was going to experience something special with Samantha Alaimo, Caitlin Davis, Lucy Kaufmann, Jennifer Phipps, and Stella Hudgens were at some point considered the love of Calum’s life.

Right now, we can’t tell if he’s with anyone. But, take your time, you’ll soon find out that he has found another love.

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Height and Other Facts About Calum Hood

1. The star is 6′ 1″ (1,85 m) large

2. For certain reasons, it is often considered to be Asian.

3. If he was not a musician, he would have become a footballer; he was once chosen to represent his country, but he gave it up for music. He is a big fan of the Liverpool Football Club.

4. It is said that he has written more songs for 5SOS than other members.

5. His love for music made him quit school.

6. He met Luke and Michael at Norwest Christain College, which he attended.