Home Media personality Blaire White Biography, Boyfriend And Family Facts, Is She A Transgender?

Blaire White Biography, Boyfriend And Family Facts, Is She A Transgender?

Blaire White Biography, Boyfriend And Family Facts, Is She A Transgender?
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In a modern world deeply rooted in a political divide and the growing influence of social media, it is now more than ever easy for anyone to become famous. In fact, nothing requires more than to have an opinion. Let your opinion be popular with one side of the divide and angry with the other, and you’re well on your way to the halls of fame. It is a path that has been well-trodden by conservatives and liberals alike. One of the prominent soldiers for the conservative side of the struggle is Blaire White, an American political conservative who also happens to be transgender.

Blaire White Biography

When you hear that someone is transgender, you are most likely to think they are a liberal, due to the issues that both groups share. But Blaire White is a transgender who is a conservative, and it is a distinction that has given her fame even more credibility.

Blaire White was born in California on September 14, 1993, to American parents and spent her childhood in Chico, California. There is no information about her primary school education, except that she attended California State University in Chico with a major in computer science. As a child from a middle-class family, her intelligence and articulation quality only indicates that she must have had a good basic education.

Blaire White Biography, Boyfriend And Family Facts, Is She A Transgender?

YouTube Stardom

Blaire White’s journey to becoming a YouTube star began in college at California State University. She appeared in a live stream of one of her friends. The reactions she received from her performance inspired her to start her own YouTube channel, and so Blaire White launched her YouTube channel called Blaire White on November 27, 2015.

Since she entered the YouTube scene, Blaire has been a proponent of some controversial opinions, such as the non-existence of rape culture. Although she is a transgender person, she has also spoken out against the issue of transition, claiming that there are only two genders. She is also notorious as an anti-feminist.

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Her very controversial views have made her very popular with the conservatives. Since the launch of her channel in 2015, she has expanded her channel to a subscriber base of over 300,000, and in July 2018 she had a total of 52 million video views. She is also a vocal Donald Trump supporter.

Her media appearances are not limited to her YouTube space. She appeared on The Rubin Report, a political talk show, and Shane and Friends, a video podcast.

Her views led to her being banned from Facebook, but she had her account reinstated. She is active on all major social media sites and has over 1 million followers in total.

Blaire White Family Facts

There is not much information about the family of Blaire White. We know that she was raised by both parents until she lost her father to cancer at the age of 18. She has a supportive mother, and so far there is nothing to suggest that the two are not close. There is also no information about possible siblings.

Boyfriend, Is She Transgender?

Blaire White Biography, Boyfriend And Family Facts, Is She A Transgender?

As for her boyfriend, Blaire White is currently in a relationship with Joey Sarson, a YouTuber colleague. Joey Sarson appears regularly on her channel. Despite her transphobic rhetoric, Blaire White is a medically certified transsexual. She began her feminizing hormone therapy at the age of 20.

Blaire White’s gender conflict became clear to her in the second grade. Born as Robert White, Blaire White felt the sense of non-belonging in her male body that every transgender claims for himself. She hoped that these feelings would subside as she grew older, but they did not; instead, they became even stronger. When she was 14 years old, she considered going through a sex change process, but because of the conflict between keeping her body, her parents’ feelings, and the permanence of the change, she decided not to go through it.

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At the age of 18, she still did not feel at home in her body. When she realized that she would not leave unless she did something about it, she made the courageous decision to talk to her parents about it, but while she had the courage to do so, her father died of cancer. The unfortunate and unexpected incident prompted her to retreat further, fearing that her revelation would break her mother’s heart even more. However, at the age of 20, she found the courage to turn to her mother. Fortunately for Blaire, she found a supportive voice in her mother.