Blake Lively’s Nose Job: How She Changed After Plastic Surgery

Blake Lively Nose Job: How She Changed After Plastic Surgery

Whether we like it or not the world is a superficial place and Hollywood is its capital. Every impossible body image and every standard has been driven through the doors. That’s why it’s very common for celebrities to get some work done here and there. It’s actually a norm so let’s check Blake Lively’s nose job and all the other improvements she’s received along the way.

Blake Lively’s Nose Job, Plastic Surgery Procedures

Blake Lively Nose Job: How She Changed After Plastic Surgery

Unlike so many before and after her who went a little overboard with the idea that you can change your look with a little nip and snip the star hasn’t really done much to change her look. The actress has had some minor cosmetic surgery and it’s time to check her out.

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Blake Lively’s Nose Job

It is more than obvious that the star has worked a little on its nose any of them before and after the pictures can show you that. She never addressed the subject in acceptance or denial but let’s be honest. We have eyes. Most of her old photos show the star with a greasy and round nose. To achieve a more sophisticated look the star opted for a rhinoplasty.

Blake Lively Nose Job: How She Changed After Plastic Surgery
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If you need more evidence of Blake Lively’s nose job just check the distance between her eyebrows it’s changed drastically. Most people would agree that Blake Lively’s nose not only looks better now but definitely fits her face better as a whole.

Blake Lively Nose Job: How She Changed After Plastic SurgeryIt didn’t happen overnight however, for her to get the look she has today the actress had to make a series of rhinoplasties so Blake Lively’s nose was definitely not built in a day. There was some sort of the gradual change in her overall nose structure.

Blake Lively’s Eyelid Surgery

Yeah, it’s one thing Blake tweaked her eyelids a little to give her the look she wanted. Her eyelids were very broken and she often had to compensate with lots of eye shadow.

Blake Lively Nose Job: How She Changed After Plastic Surgery

If you look closely at them before and after the pictures you’ll find that they just look less heavy and their eyes are more open now.

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Blake Lively’s Boob Job

You don’t need a time machine to go back in time to check her previous breast size the pictures say it all. The rumors about her breast augmentation were first heard in 2007 after a CW Gossip Girl Launch Party. It’s so obvious that in the past her breasts were more on the tiny side.

Blake Lively’s Boob Job

Well, she was wise not to make her too big for her shape she chose a size that wouldn’t make a caricature out of her beautiful frame. In fact, she didn’t really increase the size of her breasts that much but the shape of the implants gave her away.

Blake Lively’s Butt Implants

This one’s a little tricky because it’s closer to the rumor than the truth. It was a big deal for a while their fans and haters were all involved. There were some pictures that even indicated that the star got a little booty lift. Well like all the other operations she is accused of the star has nothing to say.

Blake Lively’s Butt Implants

It could just be a really good and thorough work plan the good life or both in action. In other news around the prey, Blake has fueled the black community with great success…. by subtitling a picture of her behind Blake Lively LA’s face with an Oakland booty.


Blake in school

Her dentist has done an exemplary job in correcting her previously crooked teeth even though the quality of the before and after images is not entirely clear.

Blake in 2005

In 2020 Blake had a major breakthrough in her acting career marking an important milestone for her.

She was youthful and attractive! Her nose, however, had a distinct shape.

Blake in 2010

What a drastic transformation!

Blake’s nose appears to be more slender and well-defined with her face shape appearing similarly sculpted. It is difficult to ascertain whether she has undergone a jawline contouring procedure; however botox injections may have been employed in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Blake in 2015

Blake always manages to maintain her elegance and poise even when she appears on television talk shows. She has a remarkable ability to remain composed in any situation making her an impressive figure both on and off the screen.

Blake in 2020

She has gone up a few dress sizes due to the fact that she recently gave birth to her daughter Betty.

Blake in 2022

She was able to achieve a slimmer physique in a relatively short amount of time which is likely due to her having an excellent personal trainer rather than undergoing liposuction.

Quick Facts About Blake Lively

Date of Birth:25 August 1987 
 Age:32 years old
 Birth Nation:United States of America
 Height:5 Feet 10 Inch
NameBlake Lively
FatherErnie Lively
MotherElaine Lively
Birth Place/CityTarzana, Los Angeles, California
Net Worth$16 million
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Body Measurements35-26-36
Weight in KGN/A
Married toRyan Reynolds (m. 2012)
ChildrenJames Reynolds
EducationBurbank High School
AwardsTeen Choice Awards 2011
MoviesThe Age of Adaline 2015
TV ShowGossip Girl 2007 � 2012
SistersRobyn Lively, Eric Lively, Jason Lively, Lori Lively