Amy Schumer and her husband are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary!
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Amy Schumer (41) and her husband Chris Fischer don’t usually take themselves too seriously. From the very beginning of their relationship, they’ve been teasing each other. So the cook surprised the actress last year with a pretty nasty birthday cake. However, the comedian doesn’t let that sit and likes to chat funny stories about her loved ones on TV. Apparently, that can’t tear the two apart – because Amy and Chris are already celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary!

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer
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For this special occasion, the actress shares a sweet snapshot on Instagram. Although the picture is quite blurred, a passionate kiss between the couple can still be guessed. “Married five years, I think we got the hang of it,” Amy writes happily under her post.

Amy Schumer and Chris

Just a month ago, the comedienne congratulated Chris in her very own way on his birthday. “Happy birthday to my husband,” she captioned a picture of them sitting close together at a harbor. “Chris, I like you. Please continue to like me,” she added with her trademark humor.