Alison Brie's On-Screen Vs Off-Screen Life

It is fascinating how actors and actresses can portray characters who are so different from them and hit the nail on the head. A few times, however, there is something about the role that appeals to some of them and leads to an even better interpretation. It’s safe to say that Alison Brie plays some roles that really contrast her actual character.

So how similar is Alison Brie to the characters she plays? That’s exactly what we’re talking about today, take a look at some of her most popular roles and when you’re done, you’ll certainly have a better idea of her talent as a whole.

Alison Brie’s On-Screen Vs Off-Screen Life

Alison Brie As Annie Edison In Community

In the television show Community, Alison blinds us to the role of Annie Edison, a community college student who has overcome an addiction to Aderall after losing her scholarship. She is very nervous and a bit prudish, and to top it all off, her outstanding performance makes her limits unbearable.

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From what we’ve been able to find out, Brie differs from this character in more than one respect: firstly, she was quite open-minded during her studies, and the mere fact that she attended a nudist school speaks volumes. She told Conan that when she attended the California Institute of the Arts, it was a pretty cool place; clothing was optional everywhere except in the cafeteria.

Alison Brie's On-Screen Vs Off-Screen Life

So did Brie ever strip naked in strange and public places? You can believe she did; she remembers swinging herself upside down on a branch outside her dorm every now and then to cheer up her roommate. That’s hardly one of the things Annie Edison would check off her bucket list.

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Alison Brie As Trudy Campbell In Mad Men

Well, if you thought Annie Edison was a prude, you definitely didn’t meet Trudy Campbell at Mad Men. The TV show takes place at another time when it was a bit taboo to talk openly about your sexuality or express it. When you then consider that the star played the role of a moralist, you can only imagine how uptight she would be. (Actually, you could just watch the show, but imagination is good too)

This figure is quite a contrast to sweetbread’s loose, social and witty nature. She once admitted that to play the role she had to channel aspects of her older sister, who is a little more uptight than she is.

Undoubtedly, Trudy Campbell would never have slept with a gay friend to help him confirm that he was swinging for the other team. Yeah, that’s something Brie actually did, we’re hoping you’re starting to get a full picture… she’s definitely more liberal in her thinking.

As Lucy In How To Be Single

She is obviously much more “functional” than her character in this movie, starting with the fact that the housemaid in this movie is not single anyway. In fact, she has just been married in a very private ceremony to her longtime boyfriend and fiancé for over a year, Dave Franco. Well, Lucy should try this one.

What’s the deal with this Lucy? According to the National Post, she’s a proactive single woman in New York who’s dedicated to using online dating sites as a way to get married. Alison shared some of her thoughts on the character she played She clearly said that the character is so far away from her, but it was fun to play it.

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Since she never really saw herself as relationship-oriented, speaking less of marriage-oriented, the role was quite far from her: “I focused on my career and acting, and that made relationships difficult for a long time. Then Franco came along and things finally got mixed up.

It never clicked immediately but after a year this thing that I thought I would never do felt simple and natural. That’s how it should be, unlike my character in (How to be Single), who’s really on a mission.

As Lainey In Sleeping With Other People

Well, this was certainly a particularly interesting character, and she certainly possessed a certain amount of wildness that one might associate with Brie. Nevertheless, the two women are still quite different. Here she is a serial cheater and possible sex addict, who enters a platonic relationship with a womanizer (Jason Sudeikis) in order to overcome her bad habits together.

Brie feels quite comfortable with her sexuality, but she is far from being a serial cheater and a borderline sex addict. She said: “It was very interesting, Jason Sudeikis and I, we only really realized this after we got the film, we both made this film while we are in love and have very strong relationships.

Alison Brie's On-Screen Vs Off-Screen Life

When you consider that they both hit the nail on the head, you just have to admit that these people are really good at interpreting characters, especially those who are so far away from them.