Achraf Hakimi Religion: Is PSG Star Muslim? Family Ethnicity And Origin
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Achraf Hakimi religion: A famous soccer player from Paris Sainte-Germain is a Muslim. Even though he grew up in Europe he has ancestors from Africa.

Achraf Hakimi plays soccer for the Paris Saint-Germain team in Ligue 1. He is really good at soccer and he also plays for the Morocco National Team.

Many people think Hakimi is one of the best right-backs in the world. He grew up in Madrid and learned how to play soccer in Real Madrid’s youth academy. He has become very famous and rich because he is a great soccer player.

People talk not only about the soccer player’s job but also about his personal life. Some people accused the Paris Saint-Germain player of rape. In this article, we will learn about his family’s religion and the accusations.

Achraf Hakimi Religion: Is PSG Star Muslim? Family Ethnicity And Origin

Yes Achraf Hakimi is a Muslim. He said in an interview that he practices Islam. He is a star soccer player for PSG.

The athlete from Morocco said “My family is from Morocco. We spoke the Moroccan language and ate Moroccan food at home. I am a Muslim and I practice my religion. I did not have to think about it too much.” He feels very connected to his culture and religion.

Achraf Hakimi Religion: Is PSG Star Muslim? Family Ethnicity And Origin
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Hakimi came into this world on 4th November 1998 in Madrid Spain. His mom Saida Mouh and dad Hassan Hakimi are both from Morocco. He has a brother named Nabil Hassan and a sister named Widad (also spelled Quidad) Hakimi who are his siblings. Hakimi is an athlete.

The Hakimi brothers look a lot alike. People might think that Hassan and Achraf are twins because they look so similar. The Hakimi siblings grew up together and were very close. Achraf thinks of his brother as his best friend.

According to Life Bogger Achraf Hakimi’s family originally came from Africa even though he grew up in Madrid Spain. When he was younger his family had a hard time making enough money.

Hakimi’s dad sold things on the street while his mom cleaned people’s houses. They worked hard to help him become a football player. Achraf worked hard to make his dream come true as a way to say thank you to his parents for their hard work. Today he is in a good position in his career.

Meet Achraf Hakimi’s Wife And Kids

Achraf Hakimi got married to a Spanish actress named Hiba Abouk and they are very happy together. His wife is from Libya and Tunisia.

Achraf and Hiba got married in 2020 and they have been happily married ever since. Hiba Abouk is an actress who is famous for her work in TV series like EL Principe. She loves Flamenco dancing. Hiba studied at the French Lycee in Madrid and later studied the Arabic language.

Achraf Hakimi Religion: Is PSG Star Muslim? Family Ethnicity And Origin

She also has a degree in Drama from the RESAD.

In the three years that they have been married Achraf and Hiba have had two sons. They haven’t told anyone what their names are.

Achraf Hakimi Accused Of Rape

The soccer player from PSG Achraf Hakimi has been accused of rape. He invited a woman to his house while his wife and kids were away on vacation.

The French police are looking into the rape allegation against Hakimi that happened on February 25th. A 23-year-old woman said that he raped her but she didn’t want to press charges. She hasn’t said her name publicly.

She said that she only wanted to tell the police that she was raped but the prosecutors are taking the case seriously. They are investigating it because Hakimi is well-known and the accusations are serious.

Achraf’s wife and their two young sons are on vacation in Dubai. He didn’t play in the game against Marseille on Sunday but PSG still won.