A Closer Look At Kia Proctor’s Personal Life and The Emerging Drama With Cam Newton

A Closer Look At Kia Proctor’s Personal Life and The Emerging Drama With Cam Newton
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Kia Proctor became a sensation overnight after making friends with popular NFL quarterback Cam Newton, who is currently playing for the Carolina Panthers. Prior to her association, she was known only to a few people because of her work, which keeps her constantly busy. Since she has been with Newton, the media and the public, in general, have never turned a blind eye to her. The tabloids cover literally every aspect of her personal life, from her engagements to her relationship with her longtime boyfriend to how she keeps up with both her family and her career.

Kia is quite successful on her own, although many believe that she has accumulated much of her wealth through Newton. She is not only popular in real life, but also on various social media platforms where she has a large fan base and is also in touch with her fans.

Who is Kia Proctor and What is She Known For?

It is quite difficult to get an insight into Kia Proctor’s background, although in real life she is a social media influence and a celebrity. For reasons that are best known to her, she has kept this aspect of her private life carefully hidden for years, and most of her fans are not really happy about it.

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Kia Proctor Wiki
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However, according to available information, Kia was originally born as Shakia Proctor on October 6, 1988, in Virginia, Maryland, in the United States. Her parents’ names are Jerome Proctor and Anne Maria Proctor. The couple raised Kia and her siblings in Maryland, where she received her basic education. Shakia is an American citizen and a product of parents from different ethnic backgrounds, which is why she has several ancestors.

As for her profession, Proctor is a model and party host. She used to be a stripper in a well-known strip club called Washington DC Stadium Club in the States. During her time as a dancer around the pole, she was known as Hazel. Not much is known about her modeling career, but we do know that she hosted numerous parties in Atlanta, Georgia. Although Kia is easily recognized as a friend of Panthers’ Newton, she is highly respected in the showbiz industry for her professionalism in both modeling and event organization.

 Kia Proctor at a Glance

Is Kia Proctor Married and Does She Have Kids?

Kia Proctor has never been led to the altar by a man, past or present. She is currently not married, but she shares four beautiful children with her long-time partner Cameron Newton. Her first offspring, Chosen Sebastian Newton, was born in Atlanta on December 30, 2015, while her second child, a daughter named Sovereign-Dior Camebella Newton, was born two years later, in February to be exact. The couple welcomed their third child, a boy named Camidas Swain Newton, in July 2018 and their fourth offspring in October 2019.

Although Proctor gave Cam four healthy children, she gave birth five times. Her oldest child (a girl) was conceived by a man she dated in the past. She often shares her pictures on her social media pages but has never revealed the girl’s father or her birth dates.

What We Know About Her Relationship With Cam Newton

As at the time of writing this article, the relationship between Kia Proctor and Cam Newton is in a chaotic state: the two have reportedly separated after so many years together. The couple met in 2013 when Kia was working as a dancer at the infamous Washington DC Stadium strip club. The public first learned about their relationship when they debuted as a couple at the Kentucky Derby and were subsequently seen together at the NFL awards ceremony after the season.

Over the years, Kia Proctor and Cam have not pursued their relationship and family matters, but the two are currently in the middle of a serious legal battle. It all started after they ended their relationship for undisclosed reasons and also wanted to delete photos of themselves from their Instagram pages. It is not known exactly when they broke up, but we have found out that they were no longer living together at the time of the birth of their last child.

Kia Proctor and Cam Newton
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The footballer has now applied for joint custody of his four children and a visitation arrangement. He also wants to have a DNA test done on the children, although his signature is on the birth certificates. Kia Proctor, for her part, is willing to have paternity tests done as long as Newton pays for them. In addition to primary custody, she also wants her long-time partner to pay for the children’s upkeep and to hire a forensic accountant to investigate Cam Newton’s finances.

The couple has spent over six months in court over these issues. As mentioned earlier, Kia plans to return to her hometown of Maryland once she has obtained primary custody of her children, while Newton plans to stay in Atlanta.

All The Facts About The Emerging Scandal Surrounding Cam Newton

Cam Newton is highly respected for his intimidating career and his exceptional skills in the NFL. As one of the league’s most talented quarterbacks, he is always in the public eye, so it’s no surprise that rumors have been circulating about conceiving a child with another woman. Earlier this year, it became known that he was cheating on Kia Proctor with his daughter; it was reported that his daughter was pregnant when Kia was carrying the footballer’s child while they were still together.

It is not known exactly how and where Cam Newton and his teammate met. However, their Instagram feeds show that the two got along well before their secret was revealed. Cam liked her sexy pictures on Instagram on several occasions when he was with Proctor.

After the shocking report, Newton still has to admit that he is the father of the child, or respond to the rumor. Even his alleged second baby mom has not revealed the identity of the father of her child.

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Who is Cam Newton’s Newly Alleged Baby Mama?

Her name is La Reina Shaw. As mentioned earlier, she is a lobbyist for Instagram and a fitness model. She was born on September 30, 1986, in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. There is no information about her family background, parents, siblings, education, and life before fame. However, Reina is known to many Instagram users, especially those who are interested in modeling. Usually, she uploads her modeling photos there and also extends her hand to her followers.

While it’s not clear whether Shaw and her football beauty live together, we believe that Newton’s alleged baby mom is busy taking care of her youngster with a lot of support from her boyfriend.

Is The Baby Allegation True or Mere Rumour?

Even if it is claimed that the footballer is said to have fathered a child with La Reina Shaw, no one knows if this claim is true or if it is just another unfounded rumor about celebrities. The rumor that Newton rented an apartment for Shaw above a restaurant he owns makes it easy to believe he is the father of her child, but his silence on the matter could mean that the claim is not true or that he does not want to get involved in the paternity dispute over La Reina’s baby.