Sex/Life Cast Mike Vogel Religion: Is He Christian? Family And Ethnicity
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Mike Vogel is an actor from America and many people are curious about his religion. Some wonder if he is a Christian. In this article, we will talk about his personal life family, and ethnic background.

Mike Vogel is an actor and former model from America. He is famous for being in many movies and TV shows.

Mike Vogel has acted in many well-known movies like The Help Poseidon The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Cloverfield Across The Hall The Case of Christ and many others.

Mike Vogel has also acted in many TV shows including Bates Motel American Horror Story Miami Medical Under the Dome Pan Am Childhood’s End and The Brave.

Mike Vogel who is 43 years old acted as Cooper Connely in the Netflix drama series called Sex/Life which was released in June 2021.

The TV show Sex/Life is coming back for a second season on March 2 2023 and Mike Vogel will play the same character Cooper Connely as he did in the first season.

Mike Vogel Religion: Is He Christian?

He is a Christian and follows the Christian faith.

Mike Vogel is a believer in Christianity and he talks about his faith in God. He acted in the movie Cloverfield.

Sex/Life Cast Mike Vogel Religion: Is He Christian? Family And Ethnicity

Jon Gunn the director of the movie The Case for Christ said that the book with the same title by Lee Strobel had a big impact on his life when he was younger.

Mike plays the character of Strobel in the movie The Case For Christ. Strobel is a journalist who doesn’t believe in God and tries to prove that his wife’s Christian faith is wrong.

But as the story progresses the character played by Mike Vogel becomes a Christian.

Mike Vogel’s Parents And Family Ethnicity

He was born on July 17, 1979, in Abington Township Pennsylvania to his parents Kathy and Jim Vogel.

Vogel’s family comes from Germany so he has German ancestry and is considered German-American.

Mike’s grandfathers were in the military during World War II. One fought as a tank commander in the Battle of Bulge and the other was in the Navy as a Seabee.

Sex/Life Cast Mike Vogel Religion: Is He Christian? Family And Ethnicity

Mike grew up in Warminster Township in Pennsylvania with his two younger siblings Daniel Aaron and Kristin.

Mike went to William Tennent High School where he joined the wrestling team as a freshman.

After finishing high school Mike started studying at Cairn University in Langhorne Pennsylvania. He would often go to New York City to audition for acting and modeling jobs.

Mike Vogel’s Wife And Children

Mike Vogel got married to Courtney Vogel. They have three children together.

He married his wife Courtney Vogel in January 2003. Before they got married Courtney worked as a model for many companies and they dated for some time.

Mike Vogel and his wife
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Mike Vogel and Courtney Vogel are parents to three children named Cassy Renee Charlee Bea and Gabriel James.

Mike and Courtney welcomed their first child Cassy Renee on February 20, 2007. They had their second child Charlee Bea on June 2 2009 and their third child Gabriel James on September 25, 2013.

Mike Vogel who is 43 years old likes to spend time with his family. He goes on hikes with his wife and kids.

Mike likes to share photos of his kids on his social media accounts. He has 307000 followers on Instagram where his username is @realmikevogel and 75000 followers on Twitter where his username is @Mike_Vogel.

Mike and his family live in Nashville Tennessee.

Mike Vogel will act in the new season of the TV show Sex/Life which will come out on Netflix on March 2, 2023. He will play the character of Cooper Connelly again.