5 Fast Facts About Brad Pitt’s Tattoos and Their Individual Meanings
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Brad Pitt is indisputably one of the most stylish men in Hollywood and has amazed his fans over the years with his fascinating sense of style. Over the years, his style has evolved and with every red carpet appearance, a new dimension of effortless charm has been added. Blessed with boyish glances and a smile that never seems to fade, his tattoos are another integral part of the Brad Pitt style arsenal, most of which still fascinate his fans and make them wonder what they mean.

Although Brad has been in the limelight for nearly three decades, it’s almost impossible to know all of the body parts that he has inked. He keeps them to himself, but strategically displays some of them depending on the outfit and occasion. Let’s find out more about some of the most distinctive tattoos on his body.

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1. Brad Pitt Rarely Discusses The Meaning of His Tattoos

Much of his tattoos are shrouded in mystery. Since Brad is a very private person, he rarely talks about his tattoos, so it is left to the public to decipher them. This makes people even more curious because it is obvious that all his tattoos usually have a very specific meaning. On one occasion, Brad caused quite a media frenzy when he showed a very unusual tattoo consisting of a sketched linear pattern with a collection of several small chopped-off lines that seemed to have no relation to each other.

5 Fast Facts About Brad Pitt’s Tattoos and Their Individual Meanings

There were hints that it had something to do with the New Orleans disaster after Hurricane Katrina, which Brad was very involved with. Interestingly, it was his then-wife, Angelina, who shed light on this tattoo by saying that she drew the random patterns on his back and he liked it, then she made it permanent.

2. He Incorporates Foreign Languages Into His Tattoos

Brad likes his tattoos cryptic. He has a tattoo on his left forearm that says “Absurdities de l’existencia”. This French sentence can be translated as “life is absurd”. His inspiration was the preface to the book of Daniel Pearl. On his lower left hand, he wears “Invictus”, which means “invisible” and is attributed to a poem by William Ernest Henley.

5 Fast Facts About Brad Pitt’s Tattoos and Their Individual Meanings

He also has a tattoo on his lower abdomen in Khmer – the official language of Cambodia. It bears the date of birth of his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, and she also has a tattoo in the same language. It means translated: “May your enemies run far away from you. If you acquire riches, may they always be yours? Her beauty will be that of Apsara. Wherever you go, many will accompany you, serve and protect you, and surround you. Brad also has another one on his lower left back in the ancient Sanskrit language.

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3. The Total Number of Brad Pitt’s Tattoos Remain A Mystery

If a man never reveals when and why he is whitewashed, it becomes more difficult to keep an eye on him. Sometimes it takes a new film or a zoomed picture taken by a curious journalist to discover that somewhere on his body the actor has hidden another one that nobody knew about. No one knows the exact number of tattoos Brad Pitt has; they somehow only appear during his excursions, and he never comments on them.

5 Fast Facts About Brad Pitt’s Tattoos and Their Individual Meanings

4. He Likes Them Poetic

When Brad doesn’t enter the birth dates of loved ones, he puts up a kind of quote. The tattoo on his right bicep is a quote from Jalal ad-Din Rumi, a 13th-century Sufi poet. The quote reads: “There is a field beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there”. The tattoo on his left arm is a verse from the 19th-century poet William Henley’s work, which says: “I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul”.

5. Brad Expresses Emotion Through His Inkings

A whole series of Brad’s tattoos are sentimental and express his love for his spouse and family. Brad has a dedication tattoo on his right forearm for his entire family. The tattoo is a thin cross containing the initials of all the members of his immediate family. The A in it stands for his ex-wife Angelina, M for Maddox, P for Pax, Z for Zahara, S for Shiloh, K for Knox, and V for Vivienne.