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17 Then and Now Celebrity Pictures That Seem to Show Completely Different People

Celebrities are always looking for something new, and that often leads to drastic transformations. From Sara Rue to Kelly Osbourne, Rose McGowan, and Ben Affleck these before-and-after pictures of famous actors and singers will leave you speechless!

Sara Rue has gone from a bubbly blonde in her “Gilmore Girls” days to a polished brunette who never fails to look stunning on the red carpet. Kelly Osbourne has completely changed her style over the years; she traded in punk rock pink hair for sleek purple locks. Rose McGowan is almost unrecognizable compared with how we remember her as Tatum Riley from “Scream” the once gothic beauty now looks chic and sophisticated after transforming into an A-list starlet. And last but not least, Ben Affleck went through an incredible transformation when he bulked up his body while preparing for his role as Batman in 2016’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

It’s amazing what these celebrities have achieved by reinventing themselves over time! While it might be hard to recognize them at first glance due to their dramatic transformations, it’s inspiring to see how much they’ve grown both personally and professionally throughout their careers so far.

1Robert Downey Jr.

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