Yung Miami shows off a huge diamond on her ring finger
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Two years ago, rumors about a possible love relationship between P. Diddy (53) and rapper Yung Miami first appeared. On New Year’s Eve 2022, the two made it official: the “I’ll Be Missing You” interpreter and the hip-hop musician are a couple. With her appearance at an event, the singer made the rumor mill boil again, because: she demonstratively held her hand in the cameras!

Yung Miami shows off a huge diamond on her ring finger

At a pre-Grammy gala, the 28-year-old posed in an extravagant gown with statement pink tulle sleeves. The dress alone was a real eye-catcher – but the singer mainly drew attention because she held her right hand in front of the cameras in a conspicuous manner. Photos obtained by DailyMail show: A suspicious large diamond ring adorned her ring finger! It is not known whether this is an engagement ring, but Yung Miami must have enjoyed showing off the bling.

Yung Miami and her boyfriend Diddy

Both the 53-year-old and Yung bring children from previous partnerships into the relationship. The singer is a mom of two. Sean Combs – Diddy’s real name – already has seven children. His youngest was born in December last year.