Who Is Sarah Mathers? Untold Facts About Eminem’s Sister
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Sarah Mathers is the Grammy Award-winning half-sister of Eminem’s father, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. “Fans of the Kamikaze singer may know his habit of rapping about his family. At the top of the list is his mother Debbie, after whom he has rhymed almost as often about other family members.

Other members of Lose Yourself’s family mentioned in his songs are his father, brother, and daughter. However, it turns out that these are not Eminem’s only family members.

Slim Shady’s half-sister, Sarah Mathers, is mentioned much less frequently. So read about her in the sections below; see what the weeklies have been saying about Eminem’s never-so-discussed sister Sarah.

Sarah Mathers Is The Half-Sister Of Eminem; When Did She Know The Truth?

Back in the late 2000s, an article appeared claiming that Emin’s half-sister Sarah was trying to contact her rapper half-brother. The first time she publicly came out with the statement that Eminem was her half-brother was in February 2005.

Speaking to Contact Music, the hip-hop star’s long-suffering sister said she couldn’t believe it when she first heard she was related to the Stan singer.

Sarah apparently knew when she was 23. She discovered it while attending a family barbecue. She told Contact Music that she had known all her life that she had another brother, but never imagined it would be Eminem.

“But when my dad saw the resemblance between the two men (Eminem and half-brother Michael), he didn’t brush it off. He phoned his great-aunt Edna, who’d helped look after Dad’s oldest son before he split from his ex-wife, and she told him it was Marshall Mathers. Eminem was my brother,”

added Mathers Jr’s daughter.

It was later reported that the Revival singer had indeed met his sister from another mother, but it has never been made public how this meeting took place.

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What Does Sarah Do; Where Is She Now?

Perhaps the biggest mystery regarding Sarah Mathers is her current whereabouts. On the one hand, her famous half-brother, although relatively infrequent, is quite high and active in the media and on social sites. On the other hand, however, Sarah is still unknown. Other than a one-time interview to communicate with her brother, Sarah has not had much public q and a.

What she does for a living, or where she currently lives, is henceforth exclusively for insiders. Sarah is also seemingly nowhere to be found on communication sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Did Eminem Ever Have A Sister Besides Sarah Mathers?

The Relapse singer is apparently the only child of Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. and Deborah Ray Debbie. It is worth noting here, however, that one of his songs, “The Apple,” has lyrics related to eating eggs. In the song, the record producer reveals that after giving birth to the Billboard Music Winner, his mother Debbie told him she was pregnant with a “second egg”.

Cause she said that I had a baby sister

Who fell out of the window, I was too young to remember

Kansas City projects, I was like five/six

the lyrics of The Apple.

However, it is still unclear whether the Academy Award-winning singer really had an unborn sister or brother. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fans has theorized that this rumored lie by the mother could be the reason why the heroine of 8 Mile, Lily, exists.

Sarah’s Parents; Who Is Her Mother?

Although it is not known who Sarah’s mother is, her father, Mathers Jr, was around 22 years old when he married Debbie, then 15, the future mother of Eminem.

Moreover, as reported, just after Eminem married Debbie, Mathers Jr. continued his relationship with Sarah’s mother.

She Has One More Brother

In addition to Eminem as her half-brother, Sarah apparently has another brother, Michael, as mentioned above. After the departure of Eminem and his mother, Debbie Mathers Jr. went on to have a family with another woman with whom he has two children. And one of them, although not yet confirmed, is believed to be Sarah, while the other is her sibling.

This brother of Sarah is also unknown in the general mass.

Sarah Mathers’ Father Died From A Heart Attack

TMZ reports that Eminem and Sarah’s father, Mathers Jr, died in late June 2019 from an apparent heart attack. The journal goes on to say that Sarah’s father died near Fort Wayne, Indiana.

MC Double M was 67 years old at the time of his death. Although Mather Jr. stayed away from Eminem for years, after the Missouri-born musician’s success in 2001, he tried to contact his son through a letter published in a newspaper.

At the time, the Mirror reported that Mather Jr tried to contact him, saying that he was desperate to meet his son, the Not Afraid singer. He also said he wanted to tell him that he loved him. He also allegedly added that he was not looking for his money but just wanted to talk to him.

However, Sarah’s half-brother made it clear that he had no intention of seeing his father again. Especially after he had avoided him for years.

Later, the Berzerk singer developed a lifelong resentment toward his father. He even rapped in many of his songs, including My Name Is and Cleanin’ Out My Closet, about never having seen him in the flesh”. Whether or not Eminem reconciled with Mathers Jr. before his death is also a mystery.

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Does She Have A Good Relationship With Her Brother, Eminem?

Sarah is not the only half-sibling Eminem has; the Detroit-born has another sibling from his mother’s other relationship, Nathan Mathers, with whom Eminem has a very good relationship.

On the other hand, it is not known whether the record producer retains the same feelings for Sarah.

Was Sarah Mathers In 8 Mile? 

Eminem’s 2002 film 8 Mile does indeed show that the singer’s on-screen character, Jimmy Brother Smith Jr, has a sister, Lily, played by actress Chloe Greenfield. In reality, however, none of these American Music Award winners’ sisters apparently inspired him to become the man he is today, let alone his half-sister Sarah.

The film itself is partly autobiographical. However, it is Chloe’s Lily who turns out to be the one who made Eminem one of the greatest rappers of all time. Lily also helps the former M&M through some difficult times in the film, including helping him cope with the death of his mother. This on-screen sister of the endless singer, rather than Sarah’s character, is more representative of Eminem’s real daughter Hailey.

It is reported that similar to Rabbitt’s close relationship with Lily, Eminem has an extremely similar dynamic with his daughter Hailey. Apparently, Eminem’s film 8 Mile mirrors the Encore singer’s life in one way or another. The film is a loose adaptation of Eminem’s life, how he became famous, and how he struggled before that.

Quick Facts About Sarah Mathers

Full Name:Sarah Mathers
Birth Date:1998
Net Worth:$10 thousand
Last Updated:October 2022
Birth Place:San Diego, California, United States
Ethnicity (Race):Caucasian
Profession:Celebrity’s sibling
Father’s Name:Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr.
Education:High School
Hair Color:Light Brown
Eye Color:Grey