Who Is Julianna Rose Mauriello The Actress, And Where Is She Today?
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Any teenager or young adult-born between the mid-nineties and early 2000s must have certainly grown up with LazyTown. Remember the colorful children’s series that aired on Nickelodeon in 2003, featuring eight-year-old Stephanie (played by Julianna Rose Mauriello)?

Dubbed in no less than thirty languages (including Icelandic) and aired in over 180 countries, the series is about an eight-year-old girl – Stephanie, who moves to LazyTown to live with her uncle, Mayor Meanwell, only to be shocked by the inactive lifestyle of all her neighbors.

With the help of a superhero named Sportacus, Stephanie tries to teach the residents of LazyTown how to be more active. Her real goal is to get the city’s residents moving, and has she succeeded? Well, you may have to find that out for yourself.

Julianna Rose Mauriello, unfortunately, left the show after the second season because she got old for the role and was replaced by Chloe Lang. Since then one hasn’t heard much more about the child actress, because she apparently doesn’t feel like acting anymore. Where is she now and what is she in the mood for? You can find out more about this below.

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Who Is Julianna Rose Mauriello? 

Mauriello is an Italian-born American actress, singer, and dancer born on May 26, 1991, in Irvington, New York. She is of Irish, Italian, and German descent. Her father is Italian and her mother is German with Irish roots.

Julianna was attracted to the arts at an early age as she came from a family with a background in the performing arts. Her older siblings were involved in the arts and she grew up watching them perform in various school and theatre productions, which further fuelled her love of the arts. Her older sister, Alex Mauriello, is also an actress.

At a very young age, she was registered for Irish stunt dancing lessons. She is also trained in gymnastics, ballet, jazz dance, and jigging. She also took part in commercials and text readings and finally attended the New York Professional Performing Arts School.

As a child, she starred in a party scene of the Nutcracker at SUNY Purchase. She made her first stage debut in 2002 when she performed in classic Oklahoma as Lil Titch. After that, she played gypsy in a musical fable. The following year she was cast as Stephanie in the Nickelodeon children’s series LazyTown – which brought her so much fame.

Mauriello also speaks a little about the Icelandic language she learned during the shooting of LazyTown. During her time there, she hosted the Icelandic EDDA Awards and also appeared in broadcasts and presentations in 70 countries and on 5 continents around the world.

She also appeared in several TV commercials and special films and has worked with Disney Entertainment, Volvo, Wendy’s, and AstraZeneca (Nexium).

In 2006 she was nominated by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for the Daytime Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding Actress in a Children’s Series”.

With the wonderful future that lies ahead of her in the entertainment industry, why did she suddenly disappear from the limelight, where is she, and what has become of her? Let’s try to answer all these questions in the next paragraph.

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Where Is She Today?

After her role in LazyTown, Julianna left the spotlight to devote more time to her studies. In February 2018 the LazyTown star announced through her official Instagram that she has now qualified as an occupational therapist and is now looking for a job.

Before that, she has already made some contributions to the fashion industry and has done some design jobs. She also worked on the LazyTown Extra series from 2008 to 2014.

Who Is Julianna Rose Mauriello The Actress, And Where Is She Today?
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A rumor is spreading that Julianna Rose Mauriello is a lesbian. She is said to have been in a relationship with Amanda Burwasser (2004-2008). However, this allegation has not been confirmed, as the multi-talented actress is a bit secretive about her private life. She was also in a relationship with the US-American rapper Lil Jon.

Other Facts About Julianna Rose Mauriello

Julianna stands at 5’5 with her body measurements of 34-24-32 inches. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million.

She is an alcoholic and has over 60 handbags and wallets in her collection.

She’s a fan of The Simpsons.