Who Is Ashley Tervort? Her Age, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth
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Ashley Tervort is a YouTube user, model, and social media personality, popular for her lifestyle, beauty, and fashion videos on YouTube. Tervort is also popular for her vivid posts on Instagram and Twitter, where she has thousands of followers.

The social media influencer has more than 9 000 followers on IG and 1 000 on Twitter. Ashley also has two YouTube channels called @AshleyTervortBeauty and @AshleyTervort, where she has thousands of subscribers.

In addition, she has collaborated with brands such as FashionNova, Guess, and others. Like every other influencer, Ashley’s personal life is a big secret to her fans. So, is she seeing a boyfriend? What are her birth details and family background? Find out all about Ashley Tervort’s career, net worth, love life, and more.

Ashley Tervort Age, Wiki, & Bio

Model and influencer Ashley Tervort was born on August 10, 1999, in the United States of America. She was born in the constellation Leo. Tervort is American and of mixed racial descent.

She recently turned 23 in 2022. She reportedly grew up with her three siblings in Utah, but their identities have not yet been revealed. Nor are the details of her education, family, and parents known.

Ashley Tervort Was Insecure About Her Body While Growing Up

In high school, the 5ft 10in model suffered from insecurity and ED. she opened up about her body transformations, weight gain and loss, and her struggles in a youtube video.

In the same video, she revealed how she lost 15 kilos during her stay in Spain. She said:

“I was walking everywhere and my diet became really Mediterranean and which is really really healthy. And that was how I lost 15 pounds”.

She also revealed that it was only after returning from Spain that she became a fitness freak.

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Where Is Ashley Tervort Now?

The 23-year-old rising star is currently living in Los Angeles, California. She works as a model and tries to make the most of every opportunity.

One of her greatest achievements is modeling for the global clothing brand Guess. Already in 2019, she took part in one of Guess’ outdoor photo shoots. The photos for BTS were published on her old YouTube channel.

In addition, she has also collaborated with several other companies and brands, such as FashionNova.

The Model’s Dream Job Is To Be A Dietitian

Back in 2020, when the world was still in the COVID-19 lockout, Thorworth was busy with her diet and fitness videos that took the YouTube world by storm. And in one of these videos, she revealed that her dream job is to become a dietician or nutritionist.

No wonder why she cares so much about her health and nutrition. Also in the same video, she reveals that she has tried The Whole30, keto, veganism, and vegetarianism to see how her body takes it.

Some of her favorite vegetables are broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms. As a fitness freak, she tries to include as much protein as possible in her daily meals.

Did Ashley Tervort’s Brother Commit Suicide?

Yes. In 2014, one of Ashley’s brothers allegedly committed suicide. She was only 16 years old at the time. Although many online tabloids covered the news, she never confirmed it.

While she was still mourning the death of her brother, a few years later her mother also committed suicide. According to sources, her mother suffered from a mental illness which led to the tragic incident.

Ashley Trevort’s Social Media Profiles

As mentioned above, the young woman has two youtube channels. Her @AshleyTervort channel has more than 199 thousand subscribers and her @AshleyTervortBeauty channel has more than 4,07 thousand subscribers.

She also has over 9k followers on her new IG handle. In addition to this, Ashley is also active on Snapchat, where she uses @tervortashley. She tries to connect with her fans and followers via Snapchat, where she also shares her food recipes.

It should not be forgotten that her previous Instagram account with more than 650 thousand followers was suddenly deleted from the platform in 2020.

Why Does Ashley’s Current IG Have Someone Else’s Picture?

On 22 September 2021, a picture of a woman with a similar body shape to hers started appearing on Tervort’s IG. Since then, only pictures of the mystery girl have been published on the account.

This confused her fans and followers, leaving them with questions such as “has she had surgery”, and “has Ashley changed her face with plastic surgery”. Unfortunately, as of 2022, this question remains a mystery. Hopefully, she will clarify the situation somewhere in the future.

Did Ashley Get A Plastic Surgery?

Looking at her pictures on the internet, people automatically assume that Ashley has breast implants. Tervort, on the other hand, has not made any assumptions yet.

A few years ago, however, she revealed that she does not like people asking her about her body. She called it “rude” and “annoying” and said she felt uncomfortable.

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Is The Model Dating Anyone At The Moment?

Despite her career as a social media personality, Thorworth is a very private person. She likes to keep information about her personal life out of the limelight.

In view of this, no news about her alleged beau or boyfriend has appeared on the internet so far. Nor are there any details of her previous affairs available yet.

However, in one of her videos, she mentioned that her first kiss was with a guy called Isaac. She was 12 years old at the time and very much in love with this guy. Apart from this information, no other information is known about her teenage crush.

What Is Ashley Tervort’s Net Worth?

The model/YouTuber had an estimated net worth of USD 500 000 in August 2022. Her multi-faceted career is her main source of income.

Who Is Ashley Tervort? Her Age, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog in an apartment. In addition, she has traveled to places such as Paris, Spain, and Mexico to relax.

Body Measurements & Few Facts About Ashley Tervort

  • Ashley is 5 feet 10 inches tall.
  • She weighs between 122 and 125 kilograms.
  • Her waist size is 24.
  • Tervort favorite color is dark navy blue/midnight blue.
  • Her favorite country is Spain.
  • Her favorite quote is Ignorance is bliss.
  • She prefers alcohol to other drugs.
  • She likes pearls over diamonds.
  • Finally, she likes to sleep in a dark and quiet place.

Quick Facts About Ashley Tervort

Name:Ashley Tervort
Birthdate:August 10
Birth Year:1999
Birthplace:Utah, United States
Father Name:Not known
Mother Name:Not known
Relationship status:single
Instagram Account:@ashleytervort
Instagram followers:425k
Twitter Account:Ashley
Twitter followers:118.4k
YouTube Account:Ashley
YouTube Subscribers:208k subscribers
Profession:Young Model
Hobbies:Cooking, Travelling
Favorite Actor:Tom Cruise
Favorite Actress:Angelina Jolie
Favorite Food:Chinese
Favorite Colour:Black, Red
Favorite Destination:London
Favorite Activity:Video Creation