Where Will Juju Smith Schuster Play Next After Leaving Kansas City Chiefs? Was He Traded?
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Where Will Juju Smith Schuster Play Next After Leaving Kansas City Chiefs? Was He Traded?: Juju Smith Schuster is leaving the Kansas City Chiefs football team. He has decided to go to another team, but we don’t know which one yet.

Juju Smith Schuster is a type of player called a “wide receiver.” Wide receivers are important because they catch the football thrown by the quarterback and help the team move closer to the end of the field where they can score points.

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Smith-Schuster went to college at the University of Southern California and played football there. Then, the Pittsburgh Steelers picked him in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

In March 2022, he agreed to play for the Kansas City Chiefs. John was part of the team during the 2022 NFL season.

In October 2022, Smith-Schuster made his first touchdown for the Chiefs while playing against the Buffalo Bills. During the 2022 season, he caught the ball 78 times and gained 933 yards for the team. He also scored three touchdowns.

People are curious to know why John decided to leave Kansas City after the news came out.

What’s Next for Juju Smith Schuster After Leaving Kansas City Chiefs?

On Wednesday, Juju Smith announced in a tweet that he is leaving the Kansas City Chiefs and joining the New England Patriots.

He wrote a post about being happy to join the New England team and thanked his supporters and the Kansas City team.

Sources say that he will be joining the new team for three years and will get $33 million for it. Before this, in 2022, he had signed a one-year contract with Kansas City for $10 million.

Where Will Juju Smith Schuster Play Next After Leaving Kansas City Chiefs? Was He Traded?
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Juju decided to go to New England because he thinks it will offer him better chances and he wants to try playing with a new team.

The player has many more years left in his career and will have more opportunities in the future. It looks like he made the decision to join New England because he was interested in playing for them.

His fans can expect to see him playing with the New England team for the seasons 2023-2025 because he signed a contract for four years.

Was Juju Smith Schuster Traded?

There are no reports that Smith Schuster was traded to the new team. It seems like he made the decision to join them because he was interested in doing so.

On Wednesday, Smith-Schuster posted a tweet saying that he is excited for his “next chapter in New England.”

He also thanked the Chiefs for letting him play and help them win the Super Bowl, which he says was the best experience of his life.

Smith-Schuster is a 26-year-old American football player who played for the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2022 NFL season. Before that, he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for five seasons.

He played very well for the Chiefs in the regular season, catching 78 passes for 933 yards and three touchdowns.

He caught ten passes in the playoffs, and seven of them were in the Super Bowl LVII win against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Smith Schuster did not have a successful career playing for Kansas City, as he only played one season with them.

Juju Smith Schuster: Net Worth

Smith Schuster is a football player who plays in the professional league. He began his professional career when the Pittsburgh Steelers chose him in the 2017 draft.

Juju Smith Schuster Net Worth
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The source said Smith Schuster has $14 million now. He just signed a new contract with New England for three years, and it’s worth $33 million.

Smith Schuster makes most of his money from playing football professionally, and he is famous for being a wide receiver on the field.

In 2017, Juju became a member of the PFWA All-Rookie Team, and in 2018, he was selected to play in the Pro Bowl.

He might earn money from other things besides football, like having a business or investing, but he hasn’t talked about it publicly.