Viral Kohli Instagram Story Praising Rahul Gandhi Debunked as Fake
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Viral Kohli Instagram Story Praising Rahul Gandhi Debunked as Fake: Indian cricket star Virat Kohli finds himself at the center of a social media storm as a screenshot of an alleged Instagram story praising Congress leader Rahul Gandhi went viral.

The screenshot surfaced amidst the counting of votes for the Karnataka Assembly Elections where the Congress party was leading in over 120 seats according to early trends.

However, upon closer examination, it has been confirmed that the Instagram story is completely fake. Let’s delve into the details and debunk this misleading claim.

Viral Kohli Congratulatory Message Proven False

Amidst the Congress party’s resounding victory in the Karnataka Assembly Elections, Rahul Gandhi expressed gratitude to the people of Karnataka and vowed to fulfill the party’s 5 guarantees in the upcoming cabinet meeting.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli the former captain of the Indian cricket team supposedly extended his congratulations to Rahul Gandhi for his triumph in the elections. However, it has been verified that the Instagram story in question is not genuine.

Manipulated Instagram Story Causes Uproar

While Virat Kohli has been making headlines for various reasons lately this particular incident revolves around an Instagram story circulating beyond the realm of cricket.

The purported story features a photograph of Rahul Gandhi with the caption “The Man The Leader Rahul Gandhi.” The story quickly gained traction on social media sparking debates and speculation. Notably, it also drew connections between the Congress party’s victory and a recent controversy involving Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir.

Reactions and Backlash

The fake Instagram story triggered a flurry of reactions from social media users particularly those with differing political affiliations. One user vehemently demanded an apology from Gautam Gambhir to Virat Kohli warning that failure to do so would result in severe consequences during the Lok Sabha elections.

Another Twitter user expressed disapproval suggesting that Virat Kohli’s followers would now resort to hurling abuses and criticism at him for apparently supporting Rahul Gandhi. Furthermore, a user targeted Gautam Gambhir describing him as a threat to Karnataka’s pride and proclaiming that the people of Karnataka were ready to teach him a lesson on May 13.

Debunking the Fake Instagram Story

After a thorough investigation, it has been conclusively proven that the Instagram story attributed to Virat Kohli is a result of manipulation. Someone edited the original story and shared it on social media leading to its widespread circulation. It is essential to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of such claims before drawing any conclusions or engaging in further discourse.

In conclusion, the viral Instagram story claiming Virat Kohli’s praise for Rahul Gandhi is unequivocally fake. Despite the initial excitement and reactions it generated careful scrutiny has debunked the claim. It is crucial for social media users to remain vigilant and fact-check information before accepting it as truth.