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Unveiled Facts About Zac Brown’s Journey To Country Music Royalty and All About His Family

Unveiled Facts About Zac Brown’s Journey To Country Music Royalty and All About His Family
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If country music were a country, Zac Brown would have been its leader. As far as this music genre is concerned, the Atlanta-born American enjoys a worldwide fan base. He is the lead singer and guitarist of his band of the same name and also the main person responsible for its formation. As an award-winning singer, Zac has been very active since 2002 on a musical journey that would take him home more than just a few Grammys. Here is everything you need to know about his career, his family, his assets and what you have.

How Zac Brown’s Country Music Career Took Off

The singer was born Zachary Alexander Brown on July 31, 1978, in Atlanta, Georgia. However, he was raised in Lake Lanier by his mother and stepfather.

Since he came from a very large family as the 11th of 12 children, he seemed to be made for music, as his family was music-loving. While his father played folk guitar, his brother Wynn was a bluegrass guitarist and banjo player. That is, when Zac Brown began to speak, he also sang.

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Even before high school, Zac was trained in guitar playing; he was only 8 years old at the time and would later also receive singing lessons. For his education, the country music star went to the University of West Georgia. Already during high school, he started a solo career.

Later he founded his band, which released its first album in 2004 with the title Far from Einstein”. Their second album entitled Home Grown was released the following year. Other albums followed, including The Foundation (2008), You Get What You Give (2010), Uncaged (2012), Jekyll + Hyde (2015), and Welcome Home (2017).

The band has received many nominations and several awards, including the Academy of Country Music, CMT Music Awards, Country Music Association Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards. The group has also received 3 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist 2013, Best Country Collaboration with Vocals, and Best Country Album.

Net Worth and Earning Profile of The Musician

The frontman of the band Zac Brown has worked very hard over the years, recording many songs that have been accepted worldwide with the members of his band and winning a number of awards. Fortunately, his efforts have also paid off financially.

According to the report of the Forbes’ Country Cash Kings of 2014, the Zac Brown Band has earned $29 million to remain in 6th place. Their success this year was largely the result of their Grammy-winning 2012 album, and again it was reported that his band earned a combined $40 million from their various businesses between 2018 and 2019. The band made it to 95th place on the Forbes Celebrity 100 Earnings List 2019 with 38.5 million dollars.

As an individual, Brown has an estimated net worth of $25 million. He made his fortune as a member and lead singer of his band. More than that, he has made a lot of money with his band through their various endorsement deals with the partners of Bose, Bai and Jack Daniel.

Meet The Family of Zac Brown

We have already mentioned that Zac Brown’s family has had a great influence on his musical career because it is made up of people who love music. Let’s pay some attention to his family members and what kind of relationship he has with them.

My Old Man, a song Zac released with his band, tells about his father Jim Brown, and everything he taught him and the role models he gave him. Although he comes from a broken home, Zac has great respect and love for his father. Interestingly, almost every time Zac performs the song, he finds himself choking back tears. No doubt this goes a long way to reveal the kind of deep bond that existed between the artist and his father.

As for his mother, we cannot say what kind of relationship he had with her. But then it seems obvious that the relationship was not quite as cordial – at least not as cordial as that with his father. This is probably due to his parent’s divorce, which kept his mother at a distance from him and prevented an emotional bond from developing between them. Zac has a brother named Wynn Brown, who also influenced his career as a musician.

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Who Is The Singer Married Too?

The country singer is married to Shelly Brown since 2006. Like many things about him, his relationship history with Shelly is very interesting. He met his wife on a New Year’s Eve after his date stood him up. He went for a walk after a show and wondered if he wasn’t going to kiss someone that night. That’s when he met the woman who was to be his wife.

Shelly gave him his first kiss that night as the world welcomed a new year and with that kiss, the singer knew that he had found the woman who would be his life partner for the years to come.
In 2006 they got married and from then on Shelly Brown not only continued her jewelry business but also supported her husband’s music. They have five children: a son named Alexander Frost Brown and 4 daughters who are Justice Brown, Lucy Brown, Joni Brown and Georgia Brown. The oldest, Justice, was born in 2007, while the youngest, Alexander, was born in 2014.

Unfortunately, the couple announced at the end of 2018 that they will separate by mutual agreement.