True Story of Candy Montgomery
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True Story of Candy Montgomery “Love & Death”: The limited series “Love & Death” on HBO Max which premieres on April 27 is the latest retelling of Candy Montgomery’s story.

This true crime story has already been the subject of a TV show Hulu’s “Candy” starring Jessica Biel as Montgomery. The HBO Max adaptation written by David E. Kelley is based on a two-part Texas Monthly article.

Montgomery a housewife from Fairview Texas had an affair with Allan Gore the husband of her friend Betty. When the affair came to an end Gore was discovered dead with 41 ax blows to her body.

Montgomery was the prime suspect and eventually confessed claiming self-defense. A jury of nine women and three men found her not guilty.

The cast is led by Elizabeth Olsen and Lily Rabe.

Elizabeth Olsen plays Montgomery in the HBO Max version of “Love & Death” and Lily Rabe plays Betty. Patrick Fugit plays Montgomery’s husband Pat and Jesse Plemmons plays Allan Gore.

The trial’s aftermath

Montgomery and her family relocated to Georgia following the trial but divorced four years later. She now goes by her maiden name Wheeler and is a family therapist.

Journalists John Bloom and Jim Atkinson wrote a book about the case and trial “Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs.” This book was also used as a source for HBO’s Max series.

Candy Montgomery’s affair and murder of her friend’s husband have captivated the public for decades. The HBO Max limited series “Love & Death” is the most recent adaptation of this true crime story.

Viewers can expect a compelling and dramatic portrayal of this tragic event with Elizabeth Olsen and Lily Rabe leading the cast.