Strangest Things About Tom Cruise’s Teeth And Smile
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Tom Cruise, born Thomas Cruise Mapother, is one of the most famous actors and filmmakers Hollywood has ever seen. He is popular because of his seemingly endless acting abilities, his many strange romantic relationships, and failed marriages as well as his involvement in the so-called Church of Scientology. Cruise is also one of the most handsome celebrities to ever grace the screens of Hollywood. One of the reasons why he has gained a reputation as a womanizer among his colleagues is his charming smile.

Very few things are real in Hollywood, especially since celebrities have all the money and the means to change their appearance at will. The question most people ask themselves is whether Tom Cruise’s smile is natural or artificial (if you know what I mean). Even stranger is whether the tooth formula we see when the Mission Impossible-Star smiles is what he was born with. In this article, we will try to examine Tom Cruise’s teeth and smile, as well as other relevant dental work.

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What Is Strange About Tom Cruise Teeth?

If you take a close look at Cruise, you will find that the actor has what many would call the perfect smile. He has large white teeth in perfect alignment and representation. Perfect-looking teeth are critical to the success of any actor, singer, model, politician, and even athlete, and Tom Cruise knows that. It is believed that the filmmaker consulted his cosmetic dentist to give him the perfect smile we are now seeing. I bet you won’t remember what the actor looked like before he started his acting career.

Tom Cruise Teeths
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Cosmetic dental treatments can include bonding, teeth whitening, crowns (caps), porcelain veneers, tooth or gum removal, dental implants, tooth structures, and fixed bridges. All of these procedures are designed to improve your dentition and smile. To achieve a perfect smile, celebrities are usually forced to choose more than one procedure. Such procedures are usually very expensive and only people of Tom Cruise caliber can afford them.

The actor began his acting career with horribly discolored teeth, which became painfully out of alignment. He had to spend a lot of money to change all that. His first interventions included teeth whitening and dental corrections. Over time, however, the Scientology follower and advocate had more procedures, including some veneers. It is possible that the star had many more procedures because such a smile is not easy or cheap.

Evidence of His Dental Work

Some people may think that people are maliciously claiming that the tooth formula of Cruise is not genuine. Well, there is compelling evidence that those claims are true. First, the actor’s teeth are unusually white. Natural teeth show a healthy white when they are well cared for; they are neither excessively white nor yellow but must match a person’s complexion. Tom Cruise’s teeth are too white to be normal, and they do not seem to match his complexion.

Strangest Things About Tom Cruise’s Teeth And Smile
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When the “Mission Impossible” star smiles, you will notice that the amount of representation seems to be more than what should be considered normal. The smile should show enough of the teeth without showing too much gum. This seems not to be the case with our beloved actor and filmmaker. His smile shows too many teeth and gums. The lower part of the upper front teeth should be the same length as those with natural smiles. In Cruise, the two front teeth are most likely crowns because they look denser compared to normal teeth. They also have different colors and densities.

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His front right tooth seems to be in the middle of the face. This is the work of correcting his teeth. Cosmetic dentists believe that the Hollywood star shifted his teeth to the right, but unfortunately, this was overcompensated. It is assumed that the cosmetic dentist who performed the procedure shifted the entire upper jaw of the actor.

Tom Cruise is without a doubt one of the most talented, attractive, and successful actors and filmmakers in the United States. He owes his success to his high-quality smile and seemingly perfect tooth alignment. You can’t blame him for that, because everyone, especially celebrities, wants to look good. At 53, he still has a very hot smile thanks to his cosmetic dentist. Maybe he will have more of these procedures done to keep his flawless teeth and a beautiful smile.