Is Stranger Things season 5 coming in 2025?

Do viewers have to wait that long? The Netflix hit Stranger Things makes the hearts of mystery fans beat faster. The series’ fourth season is the undefeated leader in the streaming service’s most popular English-language series. After the nerve-wracking season finale, viewers are now longing for more supplies. But could this take longer than expected? Mike actor Finn Wolfhard (20) now indicates a start in 2025!

Finn Wolfhard
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“By the time season five comes out, I’ll be 22,” the actor casually told GQ in an interview. “And I started working on the show when I was 12. It’s amazing,” he adds. However, what the observant viewers seem to find most insane is the fact that Finn will be celebrating his 22nd birthday on December 23rd, 2024! It remains to be seen whether he just miscalculated or whether the fans can actually count on a start in two years’ timeā€¦

Sadie Sink actress
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Is the final season being delayed on purpose? The actress of skater girl Max Mayfield is afraid of saying goodbye to the series! “It’s going to be awful,” the actress predicted in an interview with Today. Because the cast of “Stranger Things” has become her family over the past few years. “To think of having to say goodbye to each other without the knowledge that we’ll see each other again for next season is scary and sad,” the redhead added.