Roman Kostomarov Hospitalized 2023: Death Hoax- Olympic Champion Is in Critical Condition

Roman Kostomarov was hospitalized in 2023; Find out the latest news about the Olympic champion’s health.

He used to be a professional ice dancer from Russia.

Kostomarov is famous for being an ice dancer with Tatiana Navka and they got the gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin Italy.

Navka and Kostomarov began their ice-dancing partnership in 1997. They achieved great success winning many international competitions such as the European Figure Skating Championships in 2004 and 2005.

After retiring from competitive skating in 2006 Kostomarov started working as a coach and choreographer. He has worked with many top ice dance teams and has become well-respected for his work.

People want to know how Roman Kostomarov is feeling these days.

Roman Kostomarov Hospitalized 2023: Death Hoax

Kostomarov has been in the hospital since the beginning of 2023 due to an illness but he is alive and receiving medical treatment.

People spread rumors that Kostomarov had died but his family said that he was alive despite being hospitalized.

On January 10 2023 the Olympic champion got admitted to the hospital because he had a cold that was initially thought to be Covid-19 but it turned out to be pneumonia.

He was very sick with pneumonia and had to use a machine to help him breathe. After a few days, the doctors told him to go to a hospital in Moscow.

Roman Kostomarov Hospitalized 2023: Death Hoax- Olympic Champion Is in Critical Condition
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Despite receiving medical care Roman Kostomarov’s health did not get better. He got admitted to the hospital with a severe cold and his condition worsened according to reports.

Olympic Champion Is Still In Critical Condition: Health Update

Kostomarov’s health kept getting worse even after he was moved to a special hospital in Moscow.

On February 6 2023 doctors performed surgery on Kostomarov to remove dead tissue and stop more cells from dying.

Doctors removed dead tissue from one of Kostomarov’s legs during the operation but the other leg was more affected so they had to amputate his ankle completely.

His other foot was also removed because his health did not improve.

Kostomarov went into a deep sleep caused by medicine after he had a stroke and then another bleeding in his brain which made his eyesight worse.

Roman Kostomarov got sick with a cold that turned out to be pneumonia making him very unwell. He was put into an induced coma after having a stroke and a second brain hemorrhage that affected his vision. He woke up from the coma later but the doctors said he was not getting much better.

We hope Roman Kostomarov the Olympic champion will recover soon and be able to talk about his experience with the public.

Roman Kostomarov Family: Where Are They?

Kostomarov’s family is with him because he is very sick. He is married to Oksana Domnina.

In 2014 Kostomarov got married to Oksana Domnina who is a former competitive ice dancer from Russia. She was partnered with Maxim Shabalin in competitions.

Roman Kostomarov Family

Domnina and Kostomarov are married and have two children. Their first child Anastasia was born on January 2, 2011.

The couple had another child named Illya in January 2016 but they haven’t told much about their children to everyone.

You can see photos of Kostomarov and Domnina’s kids on their social media pages where they post pictures of their family trips and holiday celebrations.

The couple is very close and seems to have a strong bond with their children. Oksana posted a photo on her Instagram of her husband and said a prayer for his good health.