Reynad Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts

Reynad Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts
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Like many other children, Reynad started playing video games at home, but unlike many other children, he made a meaningful life out of it. He is a gamer and an entrepreneur who is the CEO of Tempo Storm. One of the things that make him stand out from the crowd of many other players is that he is not only interested in streaming games, but also in competitive games, something he has also made a name for himself with.

Reynad Biography (Age)

While he is known in the world of gambling and often in the business world as Reynad, he was born on January 27, 1992, in Ukraine as Andrey Yanyuk. There he spent the first six years of his life before moving to the United States with his mother and brother. They settled in Minnesota.

He was raised exclusively by his mother, as his father had never been there in his history. As a small child, his interest was so great to play Nintendo 64s and Gameboys, which he got from neighbors and friends. At the age of 13, he took it a little further than playing programming because he dreamed of making games.

Reynad Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts
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When he was 15 years old, he returned to his home country but did not forget to play. Soon he was introduced to Magic: The Gathering, the game for which he would first become famous. Later he returned to the States and took gambling, which was later extended to poker, even more seriously.

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As he spent more time in the card store than in the classroom, his high school education suffered a little, but later he took online courses to get back the two years of credit he was missing.

When he was 18, he left home and continued to play before he later started streaming Magic on Twitch. He was a big name on the platform until he was suspended and then suspended for cheating during a game. Although the ban was only for 18 months, he decided to stop playing altogether.

He started streaming on Twitch in 2012, and by the end of 2013, he had already come a long way and had collected tens of thousands of viewers. He already received offers from various companies to play for them. The problem was that they didn’t offer much in compensation, because he was only earning 2000 dollars a month. For this reason, he decided that it was better for him to start his own company. That was the birth of Tempo Storm. After becoming one of the best, he became a game developer as well.

Net Worth

Forbes named him among the 30 under 30 of 2017 in games. He has rightly achieved so much so far, especially with his company. However, Reyand has a net worth estimated at $1.5 million. The value of his company has been estimated at 43 million dollars.

Height and Other Facts About Reynad

Reynad Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts
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As for his size, Reynad is a rather large man, although his exact size is still not publicly known. More facts that should be known about him are listed below.

1. Tempo Storm, which, as mentioned above, is his eSports organization, has a number of teams including Fifa, Magic, Heroe of Storm, Hearthstone, Shadowverse, PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Fortnite. The organization has been quite successful in eSports.

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2. Before 2017 he was a very active player. However, in that year he decided to turn to the business aspect. Nevertheless, nothing has changed in him as a competitor.

3. At the moment he is not only one of the most fascinating people in the world of gambling, but also one of the most influential. He has used his influence well so far if you look at what he has been able to achieve with his eSports organization.

4. When he started years ago with what has now become an important part of the gaming ecosystem, he revealed that he had no idea where he wanted to be years later, as he was only interested in a successful media company.

5. Not so much is known about him in the relationship arena, as he managed to keep things well hidden from the public. However, it is known that he is still not married. There is also speculation that he has dated a number of women in the past.