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Penn Badgley (36) made his TikTok debut last October! In a hilarious video, the Gossip Girl actor opened the door to his killer character, Joe Goldberg. In a dialogue with his alter ego, he lip-synched a line from Taylor Swift’s (33) “Anti-Hero.” His post was hugely popular and went viral within an hour. Now Penn was asked if Joe Goldberg would be a fan of Taylor.

Taylor Swift at the 2023 Grammys
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“I think he would probably despise her, unfortunately,” says the 36-year-old in a Variety interview. When asked why he thinks that he speculates: “Because she’s successful and blonde, maybe? I don’t know, but I think he would.” The ‘Love Story’ singer must have enjoyed Penn ‘s video – she even appeared in his comments and wrote: “OMG” and added a bright star-eyed emoji.

Penn Badgley's Joe from "You" probably wouldn't be a Taylor Swift fan

Incidentally, fans of “You” can hope for a sequel: “We have an idea for the fifth season that we are excited about,” revealed Sera Gamble, the series showrunner, on The Hollywood Reporter’s podcast. It was never the plan to cancel the series after the current season. There should be a teaser from the next season at the end of episode ten of the current one.