New pronouns feel like “homecoming” to Sam Smith

New pronouns feel like

Changing the pronouns was the right decision for Sam Smith (30). With his soft voice and delicate melodies, the pop star made it to the top of the music world. The song “Writing’s on the Wall” was even awarded an Oscar as the theme song of the James Bond film “Spectre”. In 2019, the vocal wonder declared that it personally identified itself as neither male nor female, i.e. non-binary. And the change in pronouns felt liberating for Sam.

New pronouns feel like "homecoming" to Sam Smith

Speaking to People, Sam now reflects on the big step of shedding the pronoun “he.” The form of the plural, i.e. “they”, is much more appropriate. “There is not a single negative in my personal life. My family can communicate with me. They always have. But they communicate with me in a better way now,” says the singing talent. The change in pronouns felt like “a homecoming”: “I wish I had known how these terms work at school because that’s how I identified myself there. Because that’s who I am and always was .”

New pronouns feel like "homecoming" to Sam Smith

But Sam also knows the downside of this gender identity: “What people don’t know about non-binary people in the UK is that it happens on the street. I get verbally abused on the street more than ever before.” It is very sad that something like this is still happening in 2023. For Sam, life, in general, is “exhausting”, but especially in the UK.