Nash Grier Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family And Quick Facts

Social media have indeed made celebrities out of many young people. With the worldwide reach of the Internet, there are no limits to their audience from the comfort of their own homes. Nash Grier is one of those who have opened up the unlimited possibilities of this concept of the 21st century, known as social media, to achieve fame and glory, albeit on his turf.

Nash became an Internet sensation as a teenager by sharing videos on the social media platform Vine. Since joining Vine in 2013, he has recruited over 12 million Vine followers! From Vine, his fan base has expanded to other social networks: from YouTube to Instagram to Twitter, he’s everywhere! To increase his fame and recognition, Nash has collaborated with other YouTube greats such as Carter Reynolds, Jerome Jarre, Jack Gilinsky, and Robby Ayala.

He has his own “Nash Grier” app, which received 6.3 million hits within the first week. He has several mobile and social media apps including Cash Dash, Mobli, and Challenged. His second vine account “Nash Grier 2” has more than 2 million followers.

Nash Grier Bio, Age

Hamilton Nash Grier was born in Greensboro, North Carolina on December 28, 1997, the son of Elizabeth Floyd and Chad Grier. He began making and hanging up funny videos just for the fun and entertainment of his friends and classmates. Over the years, this pastime turned into a passion and eventually earned the young man a career as a social media personality.

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Shortly after his meteoric rise to Internet fame, Nash joined the touring group Magcon Boys (Meet and Greet Convention), which gave fans the chance to meet and interact with their favorite Internet celebrities. The convention toured the major cities of the USA. However, Nash left the group because he felt that it might limit his prospects.

Unable to complete his high school education earlier, Nash began online training in 2014. Apart from his career in social media, Nash has his hands full with the “UnitedXXVI” clothing line, which he designs with his brother Hayes and his friend Cameron Dallas. He also sells merchandise on his website.

Nash made his acting debut in the film The Outfield, which topped the iTunes drama charts in 15 countries within 2 days of its release. He also directed the video for the song I Look Good On You for artist Bera. The video was released on the YouTube channel of Grier. He is indeed an all-rounder. Nash Grier currently lives in Beverly Hills.

Nash Grier’s Girlfriend

Since 2015 he has been meeting with his social media colleague Taylor Giavasis. The two met at Paris Fashion Week 2015 and according to Nash, Taylor is his best friend and has made him a much better person. Before Taylor, he dated Lauren Giraldo and Anastasia Karanikolaou, who are also Internet personalities.

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Nash Grier Net Worth

With an up-and-coming career as an Internet personality, a clothing line, and selling merchandise on his website, Nash has his hands full. All this, plus several advertising contracts with major brands, brings Nash Grier’s net worth to an estimated $3,000,000! Grier’s management team has also confirmed that major brands pay up to $25,000 to $100,000 for the presentation of their products in his videos.


Nash Grier is 6 feet tall and weighs 175 pounds. His chest measurement is 38 inches. His biceps are 14 inches tall, while his waist circumference is 31 inches.

He has light brown hair and a pair of beautiful blue eyes.


Nash is the second of four children. His parents are divorced. Nash’s mother, Elizabeth Floyd, remarried after his father divorced her. His father Chad Grier is now one of his managers.

Quick Facts On Nash Grier

Nash Grier never received training in professional video editing, he was self-taught. The high-quality videos he uploads to Vine and YouTube are clips that the teenager filmed and edited himself.

Sometimes he uses the hashtag “notary”.

Nash was named one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet in 2015 and 2016 by TIME magazine.

In the HuffPost, he was presented as “The most popular child in the world”.

Nash Grier is deeply religious and even has a Bible app on his phone.

He owes his perfect smile to years of wearing braces. It was worth it.