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Mona Vale Road Accident: Two Trucks and a Car Collide: On Thursday, April 27th, 2023 a collision occurred on Mona Vale Road involving two trucks and a car. This incident took place at the truck stop roundabout near Samuel Street which has been a site of multiple accidents over the years.

Mona Vale Road Accident

At around 4:30 pm, people called for help because many vehicles crashed on Mona Vale Road. One of the trucks appeared to have lost control and collided with a station wagon before hitting another truck.

The second truck was forced over a concrete road barrier and went into a construction zone, almost hitting some workers who were using big machines. Nobody knows yet why this happened.

Emergency Response

Upon arriving at the scene officers from Northern Beaches Police Area Command and firefighters from Mona Vale and Narrabeen Stations found both truck drivers alive with one still in their vehicle.

The firefighters set up fire protection as one of the trucks had leaked fluids and fuel. The engine of one of the trucks was still running and posed a fire risk so they worked to turn it off.

NSW Ambulance services including Intensive Care Paramedics a Special Operations Paramedic and NSW Ambulance Inspector Ronnie Mawwhinney responded to the scene.

The CarFlight Rescue Helicopter was also dispatched from Westmead landing in a nearby park just before 5 pm. The police took the helpers to the place where the crash happened. They brought a special machine called ultrasound to check if the truck driver was hurt.

They assessed both truck drivers on the spot with a 37-year-old man complaining of chest pain and a 70-year-old man who had suffered a loss of consciousness. After the men were stabilized they were transported to Royal North Shore Hospital by road in stable condition.

The lady who drove the station wagon in the crash said she wasn’t hurt and didn’t need help from the ambulance. Heavy vehicle tow trucks were needed to remove the vehicles from the roadway. All lanes of Mona Vale Road were closed causing extensive delays with queues stretching back to Ingleside. Diversions were put in place and the police worked to minimize traffic impact.


The police want to know more about what happened during the crash. They are asking for anyone who knows something to tell them. If you have any information you can contact Dee Why Police Station or Crime Stoppers. They would be especially happy to see footage from someone’s dashcam if they were driving near the crash when it happened.

Previous Incidents

This is not the first time that an accident has occurred at Mona Vale Road. There have been multiple fatalities over the years with trucks unable to stop at the end of the steep descent.

Back on June 5, 1998, a tip-truck went too fast and hit a car. This made the driver of the car, Silverio Garcia, die. Then the truck crashed into a house on Emma Street. The crash made 13-year-old Nicole Everson die right away and hurt her 11-year-old sister very badly.

Similarly, on October 1 2023 a petrol tanker rolled and exploded in the same location killing a 71-year-old man from Mona Vale and a man in his 60s from Western Australia and injuring five others.

The crash on Mona Vale Road was very sad. It made lots of people late and hurt many others. The emergency helpers came quickly and took care of the hurt people.

The police are trying to figure out why the crash happened and want anyone who knows something to tell them. It’s essential to be careful when driving to keep everyone safe on the road.