Michael Jordan’s Mansion House, Net Worth, Salary
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When it comes to excavations of celebrities, we expect anything unusual: flashy gates, an insane number of rooms and bathrooms, a pool floating in the air, or any other crazy thing you could think of. With a net worth of $1.14 billion, we expect wonderful things when we explore Michael Jordan’s mansion.

How would your house look if you had access to all those dollar bills? It might take you a while to come up with that, so let’s check out Jordan’s mansion for good old-fashioned inspiration.

Michael Jordan’s Mansion (Chicago)

Jordan’s mansion may have been on the market for four years, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as fascinating as the excavations of celebrities are. We will look into why the star athlete’s house has remained unsold since 2012, but let’s take a look first, just in case you are in the market for a $15 million house.

Michael Jordan’s Mansion House, Net Worth, Salary

Once you approach the entrance of the house, it’s impossible not to know that the athlete owns it. Everyone who knows Michael Jordan (everyone) knows that his jersey number in the Bulls is 23. So as soon as you see that huge “23” on his noble goal, you know you are in Jordan Land.

Michael Jordans Mansion Main Entry

Before we do a “lookie-loo”, here’s what you can expect when you pass this goal. The house has nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a basketball court, a card room, a game room, a wine cellar, a home cinema, a gym, a tennis court, a lot of green, and a beautiful landscape.

Michael Jordans Mansion Living Room

Now that we are past the gate, let us pass the front door of Jordan’s mansion. Its formal living room is quite inviting and chic, there is a piano in the corner, and where we come from there is a grand piano on which the fancy meter reads 100.

As soon as you enter this home cinema, you get the feeling that it belongs to a basketball lover, maybe it’s just the neon print of him on the ceiling that gives it away. This is a stylish place to sit back and watch a few movies.

Forget your conventional dark and gloomy wine cellar, enter through the basketball-shaped door of Michael Jordan’s wine cellar and enjoy your selection of wines and perhaps a fine meal for two with a “fine wine”.

Michael Jordan’s Mansion House, Net Worth, Salary

All the talk about food has made us curious to know where the actual “meal” will take place. In the athlete’s dining room there is a table that was made especially for him. It is called the Baghdad table and it is no shock that it is a map of the city of Baghdad.

This is where all the cooking takes place, there is nothing better than a wood-paneled kitchen with all the equipment a cook needs to prepare everything from grilled cheese to filet mignon.

Michael Jordans Mansion Working Room

This is one of the 9 bedrooms in the house, and it just screams “simplicity is the new sophistication”.

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Would it be Michael Jordan’s mansion without a custom-made basketball court? We highly doubt it. The athlete has a full-size basketball court We’d love to win some tickets to a game there, anytime.

Michael Jordans Mansion BasketBall COurt

From what we’ve seen, the house is worth the $15 million that the athlete wants to sell it for, and probably a little more, but we’re pretty sure he didn’t expect it to stay on the market that long, since the original list price was $16 million. The house is every basketball fan’s dream and it has attracted bids from all over the world, the whole building and the land it stands on is a collector’s item.

So why is it still on the market? There are a few theories: First, everyone loves a villa (not to mention Michael Jordan’s villa), but word on the street is that Jordan’s villa is a bit too spacious and too individual.

As much as a man like Michael Jordan likes it, he would prefer to go to his basketball court and see his name plastered across the floor. You could argue that if you have $15 million to splash around in a villa, you have the money to rip out some floorboards, but the house is aggressively adapted so it would take a lot of money to do that.

Also, although the house is located in the upscale part of Chicago, Highland Park, it is not in an area populated by celebrities – Calabasas, for example. So we still keep our fingers crossed for Michael because this is a sweet property.