Meet the Family of UConn Basketball Player Andrew Hurley: Age Gap and Parents
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Meet the Family of UConn Basketball Player Andrew Hurley: Age Gap and Parents: Andrew Hurley, the talented men’s basketball player of the UConn Huskies have caught the attention of sports enthusiasts for his impressive skills and quick rise in the sport. But aside from his accomplishments, many are curious about the people behind his success – his parents Andrea and Dan Hurley.

Early Years and Basketball Career of Andrew Hurley

Born on January 30 2002 in Glastonbury Connecticut Andrew Hurley grew up in a supportive and loving environment. When he was young he became interested in basketball and practiced a lot to get better. Because of his hard work, he eventually earned a place on the UConn Huskies team.

In his first two seasons, Andrew played in all 56 games and even made 10 appearances. In 2020-21 he did well in school and was given an award called the BIG EAST All-Academic Team. They recognized him for being smart and doing great in his studies.

Andrew’s Father Dan Hurley: Prolific Basketball Coach

Andrew’s father Dan Hurley is an accomplished and dedicated basketball coach who has led several teams to success throughout his career. He currently serves as the head coach of the UConn Huskies men’s team the same team his son plays for.

Dan Hurley used to be a coach at Wagner College and the University of Rhode Island. He was so good at coaching that he got awards called the Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year and the American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year.

Dan is known for his intense coaching style and his ability to develop players and turn around struggling programs. He has been a significant influence on Andrew’s basketball journey and continues to inspire him to achieve professional success.

Andrew’s Mother Andrea Hurley: Strong Supporter of Her Husband’s Career

Aside from being a loving mother to Andrew Andrea Hurley is also known for being a strong supporter of her husband’s coaching career. She has been a fixture at his games and events throughout his career cheering him on from the sidelines.

Although Andrea’s birth date remains a mystery she is believed to be close in age to her husband based on their photos. Like Dan, she has played a crucial role in Andrew’s development as a basketball player and continues to provide unwavering support to her family.

The Hurley Family’s Athletic Background

Andrew Hurley’s love for basketball can be traced back to his family’s athletic background. His father uncle and grandfather are all well-known figures in the sports world.

Andrew’s grandfather Bob Hurley Sr. is a legendary high school basketball coach who spent over 40 years at St. Anthony High School a school located in Jersey City, New Jersey. He has won more than 1000 games and led St. Anthony to over two dozen state championships.

Andrew’s uncle, Bobby Hurley, played basketball in college and even played in the NBA afterward. He coaches college basketball now and is in charge of the Arizona State University team.