Meet Stan Walker’s Parents

Meet Stan Walker’s Parents

Stan Walker is a famous singer actor and TV star. He was born on October 23 1990 and he is now 32 years old. He won the seventh season of Australian Idol in 2009 and signed with Sony Music Australia.

Who are Stan Walker’s Parents?

Stan Walker’s parents are Ross and April Walker. He is of Maori descent from Tūhoe Ngai Te Rangi and Ngāti Porou. Unfortunately, both of his parents were drug dealers and had been to jail for selling drugs. His father was also abusive towards his family and had beaten his wife and five children including Stan.

Stan Walker’s Dad: Meet Ross Walker

Stan Walker’s father Ross Walker used to sell drugs and was violent towards his wife and five children including Stan. Stan has shared stories about the difficult environment they had to grow up in because of his father’s drug use and violent behavior.

Now Stan Walker is a caring and committed husband and father who does his best to take care of his family.

What does Stan Walker’s Dad Do for a living?

Stan Walker’s father Ross used to sell drugs. However, we don’t know what he does for work now. Stan might have helped him find a better job to support their family.

Stan Walker’s Mom: Meet April Walker

April Walker is the mother of Stan Walker a popular singer from New Zealand. She has been through domestic violence but has always been there for her children. She tries her best to protect them when their father becomes violent due to drug use.

Today April Walker is a kind and caring mother and a supportive wife. Her husband does not hit her or the children anymore and they now have a wonderful relationship as a family.

What does Stan Walker’s mom Do for a living?

Stan Walker’s mother April Walker used to sell drugs like her husband Ross but now she has stopped and does not do it anymore. We don’t know what she does for a living currently.

Does Stan Walker have siblings?

Stan Walker has four siblings – three brothers and one sister. However, we don’t know much about them except for Russ Walker who is also a singer.