Meet Alfred Winklmayr: All We Know About Ivana Trump’s First Husband

Alfred Winklmayr is a ski teacher from Austria who was once married to Ivana Trump. Ivana married him when she was 22 years old so she could become an Austrian citizen. They got married in Prague in November 1971.

Alfred Winklmayr is known for being the former husband of Ivana Trump a famous person who people still remember. Ivana married Alfred in 1971 when she was 22 years old but their marriage only lasted for two years. Even though their marriage was short Alfred is still connected to Ivana’s fame.

Who is Alfred Winklmayr

Alfred Winklmayr was the first husband of Ivana Trump. They got married in November 1971 in Prague but divorced a year later in 1972. After his divorce from Ivana Alfred Winklmayr got married to another woman. According to reports in the 1990s he moved to Sydney Australia with his new wife.

We don’t have any information about Alfred Winklmayr since he moved to Sydney with his new wife so we don’t know if he is still alive or not.

How long were Alfred Winklmayr and Ivana Trump married?

Ivana Trump got married to her first husband Alfred Winklmayr when she was 22 years old in November 1971. They got married in Prague.

Ivana Trump was married to an Austrian ski instructor named Alfred Winklmayr for two years.

Alfred Winklmayr’s cause of death

We don’t have any recent news about Ivana Trump’s first husband Alfred Winklmayr. He stayed away from the media after he divorced Ivana Trump so we don’t know if he’s alive or dead. We also don’t have any information about the cause of his death because there’s nothing about him on the internet.

Alfred Winklmayr Nationality

Alfred Winklmayr is from Austria and was born in 1946. He is 76 years old now. He became famous for being married to Ivana Trump in the 1970s.